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Kentucky Travels · 15h ago

Random Thoughts on Friday

I have always enjoyed painting toy soldiers.  Civil War, WWII, and the Alamo are my favorites.  I have been painting figures for decades.  I love a good hobby shop with a nice selection of f...
Kentucky Travels · 21h ago

Chester Arthur House

Chester Arthur is one of those Presidents that many people seem confused by when you bring him up.  Indeed, I am certain that many young people will likely have no idea who he is.He is kind ...
Kentucky Travels · 21h ago

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site- New York City

Completing out a Very Presidential trip through New York City was a visit to the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace.We wanted to go here on our last trip, but this site was going through some upg...
Kentucky Travels · 5d ago

Samuel J.Tilden House in Gramercy Park in New York City

Here are just a few photos I took of the Samuel J. Tilden House in New York.It is literally a very short walk away from the Theodore Roosevelt Birth Site.Tilden is one of those political tri...
Kentucky Travels · 6d ago

Bravo Pizza in New York

I did want to put up a couple of quick photos of Bravo Pizza in New York.  We stopped by this pizza place which was small and loved it.  These little skinny restaurants in New York have a lo...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Astro Gallery of Gems- New York City

We walked by the Astro Gallery of Gems one evening and I took a few photos from the outside.We did come back on another day to check out the inside and this place blew us away.  It was almos...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Trump Tower in New York City

 I am sure you remember our trip to Trump Tower last time around.  We ended up having a very nice time, and having a nice, affordable meal.  Its a good stop while in New York. I think a lot ...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Forbidden Planet and the Strand in New York City

So, one evening we went over to Forbidden Planet Comics Shop and the Strand Book Store in New York.  They are both located literally right next door to each other.We looked through Forbidden...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Chelsea Market in New York City

We swung through the Chelsea Market briefly while in New York.  It was jam packed with people!There are mostly food places, and, like in many areas of New York, seating to enjoy your food pu...
Kentucky Travels · 2W ago

Statues in New York City

Here are a few photos I randomly took of various statues as we walked around New York.