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Kentucky Travels · 1d ago

Touring Virginia's and West Virginia's Civil War Sites by Clint Johnson

I wanted to find a good, complete resource for Virginia's Civil War sites.  I picked up Clint Johnson's "Touring Virginia's and West Virginia's Civil War Sites" some time ago, and I believe ...
Kentucky Travels · 2d ago

Fort Boonesborough State Park in Kentucky

I had not been by Fort Boonesborough for some time (decades).  Well, like some of the other spots around my home state that I love, I have to put this on my list of places to start visiting ...
Kentucky Travels · 2d ago

Keith United Methodist Church in Ohio

AND here is one more pleasant little country church, Keith United Methodist Church, once associated with my wife's father.We took a moment to drive by here not too long ago.  For some reason...
Kentucky Travels · 5d ago

Smith Chapel near Hackney Ohio

Here is another great little church in rural Ohio where my late father in law once worked as a preacher.
Kentucky Travels · 1w ago

Dungannon United Methodist Church in Ohio

We drove by Dungannon United Methodist Church in the Beverly Ohio area.  My wife's father was a preacher at this little church at one time.
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Coffee Grinder- Point Pleasant West Virginia

We were in Point Pleasant West Virginia again the other day.  Seems like I pass through there regularly these days, which is cool with me.I have mentioned my appreciation for this little tow...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Pomeroy Ohio

I just want to make a quick note here about Pomeroy Ohio.  We drove through here on the way home from our Marietta/Parkersburg trip.  It looked like a great town, and I got a few photos that...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Abandonded near Marietta Ohio

We passed by these old buildings while in Marietta.  There was something spectacular about them, even though they are obviously run down.  I thought these old structures would be perfect for...
Kentucky Travels · 1W ago

Stockport Mill Inn and Restaurant on the Dam- Stockport Ohio

This was one of those things that we kind of happened upon as we were driving around rural Ohio near Marietta.  We saw a sign for the Stockport Mill Inn and we followed it.We found the Inn a...
Kentucky Travels · 2W ago

Jeremiah's Coffee House- Marietta Ohio

Jeremiah's Coffee House is located on a stereotypically perfect river town street (Front Street) in Marietta Ohio.  I mentioned in a previous post how much I love this town, and this street ...