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Kevin's Healing Journey · 1W ago

October Update

The Orthopedic surgeon said Kevin's hip has healed well during our visit with him on September 22. Our only concern is that Kevin's left leg was shorter than the right before the hip surgery...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

Kickin' It with Music

Watch the video"Kick the Tambourine" While Kevin was in inpatient rehab his music therapist was getting some extra neurologic training. This type of music therapy is benefitting Kevin with s...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

OFF HAIR and other Talker Wow Moments

This might be my favorite Talker moment of all time! September 20, 2017Kevin's music therapist arrived for our first session after we returned home from our long reha
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

Take a Bite

On Grandma Day, Kevin and I often like to share a meal with her before she heads back home. A favorite place we like to dine at is the Cafe at Mustard Seed Market, a health food store. I alw...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

A Happy Super Hero Halloween

I found out at the beginning of the session that Kevin's dance class was going to have a costume and treat class for Halloween. We haven't participated in costumes and treats for years. Kevi...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

September Activities and a Story of Understanding

Every year it is my goal to see all 5 of my nieces and nephews in their fall activities and sports. They live 3 1/2 hours from us. That's five different schedules (2 soccer, 1 cheer, 1 cross...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

September & October Art

September 15, 2017 - Modeling Clay with Emily and Therapy DogThis is a good activity for his left hand and no worries because it's gluten-free. I like playing with the modeling clay too and ...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 2W ago

Dance Unlimited Performances - Fall 2017

October 20, 2017 - Dancing for the Kids at Akron Civic TheaterDance Song: Everybody by Ingrid MichaelsonThis was a really fun performance and Kevin was hamming it up backstage.
Kevin's Healing Journey · 1M ago

13th Birthday Reflection

Never give up hope...God has been answering some long time prayers from me. Kevin gained many new skills during his rehab stay that make him feel older and more independent just in time for ...
Kevin's Healing Journey · 1M ago

Happy 13th Birthday - October 6, 2017

Niagara Falls Birthday TripOctober 6 - 8, 2017My parents have come up to visit us three times this year and during every visit they have accompanied us to the hospital for Kevin's two surger...