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Kid Lit Reviews · 1W ago

Will be Out Awhile – Surgery

I am so sorry I must be away awhile having surgery. Will miss you while I must be away ~Sue
Kid Lit Reviews · 2W ago

#1181: PPBF – DADDY DEPOT by Chana Stiefel and Andy Snair

Daddy Depot Written by Chana Stiefel Illustrated by Andy Snair A Feiwel and Friends Book  5/16/2017 978-1-250-05889-8 36 pages   Ages 2—5 . Themes:  Father’s Day, Daddies, Choices Genre:  Ch...
Kid Lit Reviews · 2W ago


Beach Party Surf Monkey Series: Welcome to Wonderland, Book 2 Written by Chris Grabenstein Illustrations by Brooke Allen Random House Children’s Books  5/23/2017 978-0-553-53610-2 312 pages ...
Kid Lit Reviews · 2W ago

#1179: Review – CAN AN AARDVARK BARK? by Melissa Stewart and Steve Jenkins

Can an Aardvark Bark? Written by Melissa Stewart Illustrations by Steve Jenkins Beach Lane Books 6/13/2017 978-1-4814-5852-8 32 pages   Ages 2—8 . “Bark! “ROAR! “WHINE! “Squeal! “Animals mak...
Kid Lit Reviews · 2W ago

#1178: Book Tour – 5 WORLDS, BOOK 1: THE SAND WARRIOR by M. Siegel, A. Siegel, Bouma, Rockefeller, and Sun

The Sand Warrior Series: 5 Worlds, Book 1 Written by Mark Siegel and Alexis Siegel Illustrations by Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller, and Boya Sun Random House Books for Young Readers 5/02/201...
Kid Lit Reviews · 3W ago

#1177 – SISTER DAY! by Lisa Mantchev and Sonia Sánchez

Sister Day! Written by Lisa Mantchev Illustrations by Sonia Sánchez Paula Wiseman Books 6/13/2017 978-1-4814-3795-0 32 pages Ages 4—8 . “Sisters play, sisters laugh, sisters love . . . most ...
Kid Lit Reviews · 3W ago

#1176: Book Tour – THE ELEPHANT OF FRIMLEY by Nicholas Rawls and Louise Jewell

The Elephant of Frimley Written by Nicholas Rawls Illustrations by Louise Jewell Clink Street Publishing  5/27/2017 978-1911525684 46 pages   Ages 4—8 . “Two sisters and an elephant embark o...
Kid Lit Reviews · 3W ago

#1175: PPBF – BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? (50th Anniversary Edition) SIGNED GIVEAWAY! by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 50th Anniversary Edition with Audio CD Series: Brown Bear and Friends Written by Bill Martin, Jr. Illustrated by Eric Carle CD Read by Gwyneth Paltro...
Kid Lit Reviews · 3W ago

#1174 – WHAT DADDIES LIKE by Judy Carey Nevin and Stephanie Six

What Daddies Like Written by Judy Carey Nevin Illustrations by Stephanie Six little bee books   4/11/2017 978-1-4998-0197-2 32 pages    Ages 4—8 . “Daddies like smooches. “Daddies like hugs....
Kid Lit Reviews · 3W ago

#1173 – BULLDOZER HELPS OUT by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

Bulldozer Helps Out Series: The Bulldozer Books Written by Candace Fleming Illustrations by Eric Rohmann Atheneum Books for Young Readers  5/16/2017 978-1-4814-5894-8 40 pages   Ages 4—7 . “...