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Kindred of the Quiet Way · 5h ago

Lent challenge, Lent books.

Lent is coming! It’s Shrove Tuesday this week and Ash Wednesday on March 1st.In our house we will definitely be having pancakes on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we’re starting our Lent thing.Th...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 2d ago

Called To Watch

Emily emailed me recently about her blog Called To Watch.There’s a lot of chronic illness in Emily’s family – her mother, father and sister all have serious chronic conditions – but Emily he...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1W ago

Finding the balance

We augment and consolidate in our lives whatever is the focus of our thoughts. We travel in the direction of our thoughts.I pay attention to the whirling and eddying of present political tur...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 2W ago

A grief

I feel as though I have lost England.All my life long I have loved England, really and dee...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 4W ago

Bathroom window at sunrise

Living with artists is a wonderful thing.Because when you potter along the passageway at sunrise it looks like this.God made the sunrise, and I live with him. Alice made the stained glass, a...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Another facet of setting your house in order

It’s the week of prayer for Christian unity, and I think in church this Sunday we might expect to hear sermons urging us to bury our differences and unite as one family in Christ.I have a problem with burying our differences.It’s something I’ve now b...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Simplicity Weasely Style

A couple of posts ago I wrote a piece called The Four Minimalists, thinking about different approaches to living simply. In the comment thread, Heather wrote this:            “I find myself confused. I found the de-cluttering process hard going but c...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Poem for Laura

Sorting through some old files today I came across this poem I wrote for my friend Laura a few years ago. I can’t now remember what prompted it, but I still quite like it.I thought; ‘Shall w...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Four minimalists

There were four minimalists, all good friends, who liked to meet up so they could encourag...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

The London Minimalist

Happy New Year to you.