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Kindred of the Quiet Way · 4d ago

Before you vote

Very occasionally I post political content here. Not often.I’m aware that friends who visit and chat here enjoy the courtesy and peace, and some feel apprehensive that airing political views...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 5d ago

Lowkey on Corbyn

Kindred of the Quiet Way · 5d ago

Because what he says is a good match with what Jesus said.

Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1W ago

Does a minimalist need a coat?

I have a minimalist wardrobe question.Does a person really need a coat?As you know if you read here often, because I have hyper-mobility issues my body doesn’t fight back easily. If I have heavy or constricting clothes in woven not stretchy fabric, I...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Cutting of losses

There’s an aspect to minimalism I think doesn’t always sit easy with people committed to simplicity – the whole business of cutting your losses.Say I’m looking for a jacket. It must be the right weight. If it’s for occasions like officiating at funer...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Gospel Simplicity Quiet Day at Penhurst

I’m offering a Quiet Day at Penhurst on May 3rd, exploring minimalism, voluntary poverty and the discipline of simplicity.Jesus said, "You cannot become my disciple without giving up everyth...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

We have this treasure in jars of clay

In the last week I read two articles about the nature of faith, one by a Buddhist, one by ...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Much comes from nothing

When I was a child, I heard my mother express the view that it is irresponsible to have children unless you can afford to pay for their education. I don’t know what prompted this remark – I went to a state-funded school and then to a university in th...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago


I love the turning of the light – in the seasons and in the round of a day. I love how our home gradually and silently fills with light . . . the quiet, cool dim light of the dawn as the dar...
Kindred of the Quiet Way · 1M ago

Herring gulls

Herring gulls. Incomparable.They keep an unremitting ceaseless watch on everything that go...