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Kingfisher Cove · 2d ago

Nothing Better Than A Baby Giggle

Oh, I love this! (There's a bit of a glare from the camera lens, but it ultimately does not matter). Enjoy!
Kingfisher Cove · 2d ago

Just Another Thursday

2001 lies in 355 days in office. 5.6 lies per day. The Washington Post has been keeping track. And then today. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” he told...
Kingfisher Cove · 6d ago

Week Sixty

Compiled by Amy Siskind This week, as a new book by Michael Wolff on Trump's White House dominated the news cycle, a myriad of important news stories and alarming actions and trends went lar...
Kingfisher Cove · 6d ago

Random Catching Up

I have to say: I REALLY MISS LITTLE GUY QUINN. This was here at the house just before Christmas when we got a little snow! So, it was Quinn’s first snow! And remember the little snowman I me...
Kingfisher Cove · 2W ago

Week Fifty-Nine

Compiled by Amy Siskind In what was expected to be a quiet holiday week, Trump managed to generate a fair amount of controversy and concern. Along with his regime and some in the Republican ...
Kingfisher Cove · 2W ago


I may well be feeling my age, because I am still in recovery mode from Christmas. These last couple of days I have been pretty much a vegetable! I will say, though, that I’m also on deadline...
Kingfisher Cove · 2W ago

Week Fifty-Eight

Compiled by Amy Siskind This week Trump and the Republicans passed their first piece of major legislation, violating many democratic norms in the process: a wildly unpopular tax plan, which ...
Kingfisher Cove · 3W ago

Scenes with Kids

It’s so nice to have Nate, Sandra, and QUINN here! Busy at times, laid back at times (like watching Hallmark Christmas movies). Today we all headed over to the wild cat sanctuary located her...
Kingfisher Cove · 3W ago

Beyond Disgusting

“Today in America a bunch of rich white people are stealing money from ALL working people because they convinced a bunch of poor white people that brown people were to blame for the decline ...
Kingfisher Cove · 4W ago

Week Fifty-Seven

Compiled by Amy Siskind This week the country braced for radical actions by Trump relating to the Mueller investigation. Trump, his regime members, elected Republicans, and conservative medi...