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Kit and Clowder · 7M ago

Art Therapy at Cancer Council

Today was our first volunteer Art Therapy class for Cancer Council Queensland, at their lo...
Kit and Clowder · 8M ago

Overcoming Fear of Getting Started

Do you feel nervous about starting a new project?Do you feel worried about making a mistake, nervous to take on a challenge, or that so many people are already so far ahead of you so the jou...
Kit and Clowder · 8M ago

Tips for Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed

I get messages a lot about people wanting to learn colouring, or who join a free class or a paid class, but then get too nervous and overwhelmed to start. I know most of you do jump in and I...
Kit and Clowder · 10M ago

Learn to colour Space and Birthday Party scenes!

Kit and Clowder · 10M ago

Tips on Flicks!

The number one thing that I see people get frustrated about with their colouring is doing flicks (most commonly done for hair). I wanted to do a little post to encourage you to take that pre...
Kit and Clowder · 11M ago

Tips on Dealing with Creative Anxiety

In working at Kit and Clowder, I get to see daily what people are struggling with creatively and what might be holding people back from starting their own journey. One of the biggest things...
Kit and Clowder · 11M ago

Learn to colour mermaids in our latest class!

HI EVERYONE!Our latest Online Colouring Class monthly project is here! Join me this month in colouring some beautiful images by ConieĀ Fong as we look at versatile techniques that can be appl...
Kit and Clowder · 11M ago

Listen to me over on the So Suzy Podcast!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to let you all know that Suzanne has asked to interview me for the So Suzy Podcast! If you'd like to learn more about me, Kit and Clowder, and art therapy, take a...
Kit and Clowder · 12M ago

You are Awesome!

Hi everyone! I've been having a play with the Nuvo Crystal Drops by Tonic Studios today on a fun little project :) They are just like liquid pearls and you can make all different sized embel...
Kit and Clowder · 1Y ago

Dealing with Negative Thinking

Do you have those days when you just don't think you are good enough? When you don't think you have what it takes to even learn new things, or to keep colouring and creating? I'm pretty sure...