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Kitchen Tested · 1w ago

Almond Flour Ravioli

This gluten free ravioli dough is durable, a little nutty (literally) and will fill you up with only a few pieces because the ingredients are nutrient dense and rich... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 1W ago

Mushroom & Leek Braised French Roast

I was seriously just making this recipe up for Shabbat and then this blog post happened! Thank goodness I wrote down some notes as I was cooking because the... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 3W ago

Baked Apple and Oat Hamantaschen

Got my creative juices flowing this year when my son came home from his great-aunts house talking about how he had the best baked apples ever! Sure, I... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 1M ago

Roasted Vegetable Platter

It’s always an honor to be a part of recipe round-ups with friends and fellow bloggers but there is something REALLY special about this specific blog post. As... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 1M ago

What To Do With One Week In Israel

Welcome to Israel! I mean, really, WELCOME TO ISRAEL!!!! It has been 13 years since the last time I stepped foot on Israeli soil. 13 years since I... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 2M ago

Spice-Crusted Tofu Steaks

Starting 2018 off right with the most amazing tofu recipe! Yup, I can say it’s the most amazing because it’s not actually my recipe. My fellow blogger, heel... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 3M ago

Spelt Honey Doughnuts

I’ve been talking about this donut for way too long and I’m so happy it’s finally here. After 6 test batches and a whole lot of frozen donuts... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 3M ago

Celery Root and Fennel Latkes

I know, I know, every time I post a latke without potatoes, inevitably someone will tell me that it’s not tradition and that I’m nuts. Well yeah, I’m... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 3M ago

Brussels Sprouts with Date Bacon Crumble

Have you ever thought of roasting dates (and I’m not talking about wrapped in bacon)???? The longer you roast them, the crunchier they get and it’s almost like... Read More »
Kitchen Tested · 4M ago

Guiltless Pecan Pie

I love a flakey crust as much as the next gal but that crust doesn’t always love me back. Between my type 1 diabetes and a very real... Read More »