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Kitty & Me Designs · 3d ago

Easter Cross Stitch Freebie

I case you haven't seen this one, although I think I released it last year, here is an Easter Cross Stitch freebie for ya'll to enjoy:Right click on the design, save it to your hard drive an...
Kitty & Me Designs · 4d ago

Scott's Go Fund Me For Cancer Treatment Bills

Good Morning everyone! Scott is doing well. Only 2 1/2 weeks of treatments left. We're both counting down the days until this is over and the real healing can begin. Unfortunately, I no...
Kitty & Me Designs · 4d ago

Never Ending Sampler Stitch-Along Panel 2 Band 2

Today, I have Band 2 of Panel 2 for the Never Ending Sampler Stitch-Along.  If you're new ...
Kitty & Me Designs · 1w ago

Take 15% Off At Etsy

I'm offering a 15% off Coupon Code on all publications including Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.  This offer is good through March 31, 2017 only in my Etsy shop.  Use Coupon Code:  Spring201...
Kitty & Me Designs · 1W ago

Never Ending Sampler Panel 2 Band 1

I hope everyone is caught up on Panel 1 of the Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along.  And I h...
Kitty & Me Designs · 1W ago

A Quick Newsbrief

Good morning everyone!  I just wanted to update ya'll on a few things.First, Scott's cancer treatment is winding down.  We have 1 month left of the treatments.  If I figured right, 3 more of...
Kitty & Me Designs · 3W ago

Our Quilting Journey Magazine Spring 2017

Katie Bock has just released the 2nd issue of Our Quilting Journey Magazine, Spring 2017:There's a lot to see in this issue!  Hop over to Magcloud and take a peek!
Kitty & Me Designs · 3W ago

Radiation Has Begun

Hi Everyone!  I'm back.  I was sick early last week with some sort of cold/flu thing.  Couldn't really tell which one it was!  But it seems to have passed now and thank goodness!I thought I'...
Kitty & Me Designs · 1M ago

Update On Scott

Hi Everyone. I want to give ya'll an update on how Scott is doing. Very well actually. The mild chemo treatments don't seem to be messing with his stomach at all, thank goodness! There...
Kitty & Me Designs · 1M ago

Never Ending Sampler Panel 1 Band 20

Panel 1 of the Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along is complete with this, Band #20.  Here is the complete sampler:And here is the final Band, #20:This border is to be worked with Cross Stitches, Backstitches and the Blanket Stitch.  If you're not famil...