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klahanie · 3W ago

Is That The Planks I Get.

Hi there, yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar.  My human...
klahanie · 1M ago

An Alarming Situation.

I'm trying to not get alarmed but an alarming situation in my apartment is causing me a huge amount of stress.I have a faulty alarm system in my apartment.  It went off several times over th...
klahanie · 1M ago

Reliving The Pain, Yet Again.

Here I go again.  Or, here I not go again.  This is getting frustrating.  I've been trying to get the blogging momentum back.  Now, once more, I'm having hassles from the British government ...
klahanie · 2M ago

Eye Don't Believe It.

Just when eye thought my blogging momentum was returning, eye find eye am having a bit of ...
klahanie · 2M ago

Mark Oh Polo!

You might be familiar with Polo.  A bizarre game where a bunch of posh folks ride around on horses. These Polo Pony prancers hit a wooden or white plastic ball with some kinda' weird mallet....
klahanie · 2M ago

Musical "Cymbalism".

I've never been in a LOVER'S triangle.However, finally, at long last, I've become a SEX cymbal.
klahanie · 3M ago

The Community Of Humane Humanity.

For the past three weeks, I've started this post, erased the words and started again and again...I was going to tell you what had transpired in regards to the bursitis in my right elbow. And...
klahanie · 3M ago

Going Down.

You might of realised that I've left the comments switched off for the last few, very short blog posts. The reason being is that I do try to comment back individually to anybody kind enough ...
klahanie · 3M ago

Airport Carousel.

klahanie · 4M ago

"Hairing" My Clean Laundry.

Okay, time to put away the neatly folded, nice, clean laundry. "Ah Gary, my wonderful human dad, you've got no chance!"