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Knitted By God's Plan · 3d ago

Cover Reveal - Three Sleeping Beauties!

Here it is, folks, the day you've all been waiting for. The day that I FINALLY have Sew, It's a Quest on Smashwords - AND PERMANENTLY FREE!!! Oh, isn't that awesome?Just click over here to p...
Knitted By God's Plan · 2W ago

Cover Reveal Sign Up!

Hello! So I teased you with a bit of Poison Kiss's cover last week when I revealed the newest Rooglewood Fairy Tale Contest, and I've finally settled on a reveal date of June 21st. And, of c...
Knitted By God's Plan · 3W ago

Cover Reveal - Five Golden Braids

Well, today's the day folks. The day that the cover is revealed for the fourth and final Rooglewood Five Something Something contest. For those of you who don't know, this contest is run by ...
Knitted By God's Plan · 4W ago

Book Spotlight - The Secret Slipper

Hey, I just wanted to shout out an awesome new book that released this week. A sweet retelling of Cinderella, you can read my review on the O.Scarlett Blog.About the BookBeing a cripple is o...
Knitted By God's Plan · 1M ago

The Writing Tag

It's been FAR too long since I last did a proper tag (I mean, suuuuure I did the snippet tag back on Christmas, but that was MONTHS ago), so I've stolen this one from Mirriam and Arielle, an...
Knitted By God's Plan · 2M ago

Introducing GiraffeCrafts!

Hello!I promised you a new site for Indie e-Con - and here it is.Just click this imageI'm still working on the main website part of GiraffeCrafts, where I'll be offering services to authors,...
Knitted By God's Plan · 2M ago

Character Encounters - April 2017

Okay, first off, yes, Saturday's post was an April fools. There ARE accurate snippets in there, though, I won't say how many or how accurate, though. I will admit to stealing a quote from C....
Knitted By God's Plan · 2M ago

Spring Snippets!

Oh, but it's been forever since I last shared a good snippet post. Sure, yes, I've slipped a snippet in here and there, and I did do the snippet tag, but I haven't had a good ol' snippet pos...
Knitted By God's Plan · 2M ago

Indie e-Con 2017 Writing Contest Winner - The Sea Near the Moon

Hello, and I'm here today to share the WINNING entry for this year's Indie e-Con Writing Contest! WHOOO!!! This story was written by Camille Esther, and there are two facts that I find amusi...
Knitted By God's Plan · 2M ago

Indie e-Con 2017 Finalist - Happiness Renewed

I'd like to share the finalist entry for "Happiness Renewed" written by Annie Louise TwitchellThis category was judged by Abigayle Claire.Enjoy, and keep up the good writing, Annie!