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Knot By Gran'ma Art monsters, crochet patterns, butts, and life in general.

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Virginia Piazza

Reads about: pottery, art, design, clay, ceramics

Debi Doyle Brown

Reads about: shopping, family, crafts, art, hudson valley

Terresa Sternitzky

Reads about: politics, technology, progressive, liberal, news

Erin H Kaplan

Reads about: breastfeeding, cooking, health, nyc, art

Zane Miruškina

Reads about: polymer clay, jewelry, art, jewellery, crafts

Marilyn Perez Editor, Blogger, & Jewelry Maker behind Pulp Sushi.

Interests:jewelry, handmade enthusiast, blogg...

Reads about: art, hudson valley, shopping, design, jewelry

Beth Mccormack

Reads about: art, textiles, beauty, fashion, poetry

Tabitha Jennings

Reads about: crochet, family, knitting, yarn, patterns

Deniz Pala

Reads about: crafts, cooking, recipes, food, diy

Jessa Vonmessa I crochet art monsters and plush monsters for kids, design crochet patterns, and am trying to enjoy ...

Reads about: crochet, art, cooking, knitting, crafts

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