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Kristin Bennett Optimizer of Life, Challenges, Parenting, Technology & Relationships
Kristin Bennett · 9M ago

Just Do It!!

I decided my kids were going to have good memories that included mom jumping into the cold water with them!! I am glad that I had packed under-things that passed for swimming...nobody ever s...
Kristin Bennett · 10M ago

Excited To Read “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”!!

I saw this campaign a few months ago and was IN immediately. I just updated the details they need to send me all the perks (including book/coloring book etc.) and I am so excited to read thi...
Kristin Bennett · 10M ago

Finalist in #NewSchoolAlumni Summer Photo Contest “Bubble”

I am so excited to be included in this contest! I graduated from Parsons in 2003 with BFA in Communication Design. After leaving New York in 2006 it is great to be recognized as a finalist f...
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

Dinner Experiments.. #1 (Picky Kids)

My goal is to feed the kids a healthy dinner, and to minimize my own time in the kitchen, because I have other stuff too do and I’m not in a domestic skills kind of mood. Problem: I was comp...
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

Reading “The Red Tent”, Interesting Stories New To Me

I went on a women’s retreat recently, it was about 3 weeks ago. I went to an island just a little ways from Seattle where I live to spend a few days with a lot of other women, about 30. … Co...
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

Family/Plants/Family/Rocks/Plants = Perfect Day For Me!!

Today was amazing!! I started early, for a Saturday. Family: All five of us went to a potluck brunch and had a lovely time with lots of other families that we have gotten to know the last fe...
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

Bunny Pen Outside…Seattle Springtime.

Lovely day just sitting outside with our bunny and my daughter. We recently (finally) got the exercise pen and it is working really well!! I just love springtime.
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

My Vote is for Bernie. Period.

I don’t think it is a feminist move to vote for Hillary, as great as a woman president would be we could have used this logic with Sarah Palin a few years ago, would she have made it if she ...
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

Medical Marijuana Health Benefits

Image via: Health Benefits of Marijuana Infographic
Kristin Bennett · 1Y ago

Awesome Shirt + Tree Planted…is a BONUS if you love trees like me!

I couldn’t pass up on promoting this offer. I love supporting artists by buying awesome art and I also love planting trees, I mean seriously, I have like, 40 baby trees that I’m personally c...