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Kryztoff RAW · 4d ago

Glittery Clittery – GOUD – 4K

  Tessa Waters, Rowena Hudson and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard have come together to deliver a all singing, all dancing spectacular. This show is three very funny ladies talking about serious...
Kryztoff RAW · 6d ago

Fringe Review – Anteworld – Holden St Theatres 4K

Anteworld is a unique and interesting play. A new work from Adelaide playwright, Mark Tripodi. The play focusses on the separation of Eurydice and Orpheus. Eurydice remains in Hades with Per...
Kryztoff RAW · 6d ago

Fringe Review – Cull – RCC 4K

Social media is ever present and ever at hand in the 21st century and Patrick Durnan Silva and Honor Wolff from The Very Good Looking Initiative bring this right to the front of mind. Two go...
Kryztoff RAW · 1w ago

FRINGE VISUAL ART – 1:1 – FELTspace – 2K

In 1:1, artist Sara Morawetz brings to life the essay “On the Impossibility of Drawing a Map of the Empire on a Scale of 1 to 1″ by Umberto Eco. The gallery space is minimalist, with a giant...
Kryztoff RAW · 1w ago

FRINGE COMEDY – Anna Log – The Griffins Hotel – 3K

If you like down to earth comedy drawn from everyday life, Anna Log is the comedian for you. She’s quite “underground,” so be warned, you’ll find yourself in a small audience and interacting...
Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

FRINGE 2017 – Trainspotting Live – 4K

I’ve always had a mixed relationship with Trainspotting. Having seen the movie several times, I often waver between thinking that the film is either: a) a cult classic and searingly honest v...
Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

FRINGE 2017 – We Live By The Sea – 5K

If you’re looking for a unique, moving, and uplifting Fringe experience, then We Live By The Sea is the show for you. Katy, a fifteen-year-old girl who is on the autism spectrum, is cared fo...
Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

FRINGE 2017 – COMEDY – Sam Peterson: Sammy P Has Friends/Creationism with Fiona O’Loughlin – 3K

Creationism (Formerly Sammy P Has Friends) is a situational/sketch comedy stage show at Adelaide’s beloved Rhino Room. It features God’s chosen angels, Sam and Fiona, discussing the creation...
Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

FRINGE THEATRE – The Girl Who Jumped off the Hollywood Sign – Botanic Gardens – 5K

Joanne Hartstone gives a masterful performance. In short, nothing detracts from the magic of this production. 5K
Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

FRINGE 2017 – Wicked Wizards from the East – 3.5K

All of the Wicked Wizards from the East are bucking against stereotypes: all of the magicians claim that despite being expected to become doctors, accountant, and lawyers, they decided to be...