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Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

CABARET FESTIVAL – Pajama Men – 3.5K

This is just stand up comedy, very good stand up to be sure but stand up, pure and simple and not cabaret. 3.5K
Kryztoff RAW · 2W ago


Lady Beatle is a stirring walk down memory lane that ends in ostensible displays of audience pleasure that highlight the spread of ages that both this show and the music comfortably traverse...
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

THEATRE – 1984 – Her Majesty’s – 4.5K

This new adaptation is a visually stunning assault on the senses with the video design perhaps the highlight of the staging. 4.5K
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

THEATRE – Private Peaceful – Bakehouse – 5K

It is hard to overstate the quality of Francis’ performance. His is a performance worth cancelling all prior engagements for. A stunning one man debut! 5K
Kryztoff RAW · 2M ago

THEATRE – Mr Burns: A Post Electric Play – State Theatre and Belvoir – The Space – 4K

Bold and ambitious and not for anything but a skilled cast and crew Mr Burns poses useful questions about the impact of current pop culture. The more one is in in tune with such shows and re...
Kryztoff RAW · 2M ago

THEATRE – M. Butterfly – St Jude’s Players – 3K

When a show like this clicks over into its fourth hour, this reviewer at least reckons some pruning of the script would have been in order. 3K
Kryztoff RAW · 2M ago

THEATRE – Before The Party – Independent Theatre – 3.5K

While full of the warmly received IT gloss for which Rob Croser and David Roach have long been renowned, Before The Party is not exactly their most challenging production of recent years wit...
Kryztoff RAW · 2M ago

THEATRE – Long Tan – Brink – Space – 3K

Chris Petridis’s lighting is a highlight with Luke Smiles’s soundscape excellent as well. Nikd Krieg, Mémé Thorne and Chris Pitman do well but like battles and war themselves much of the oth...
Kryztoff RAW · 2M ago

THEATRE – The Play That Goes Wrong – Her Majesty’s – 4K

It’s all great fun for every age and it’s great seeing an Australian cast so seamlessly pulling off farce on this scale. But spare a thought for the stage manager who has put the set back to...
Kryztoff RAW · 3M ago

Glittery Clittery – GOUD – 4K

  Tessa Waters, Rowena Hudson and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard have come together to deliver a all singing, all dancing spectacular. This show is three very funny ladies talking about serious...