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Kryztoff RAW · 1d ago

THEATRE – Brideshead Revisited – Independent Theatre – Goodwood Institute – 3.5K

As always ambitious, but with Rob Croser and Will Cox at the helm off and on stage respectively, IT once again delivers commendable theatre. 3.5K
Kryztoff RAW · 1W ago

THEATRE – Spring Awakening – Stirling Community Theatre – 3.5K

This is another thoroughly enjoyable HMC production featuring some excellent up and coming talent. 3.5K
Kryztoff RAW · 3W ago

THEATRE – Switzerland – Dunstan Playhouse – 3.5K

It’s an intense 90 minutes but the actors keep you engrossed in the banter and the belief of both their characters. 3.5K
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

THEATRE – Angelique – Her Majesty’s – 4K

Angelique is audacious and arresting theatre. Be challenged.
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago


Time passes quickly as Odedra's lightning body's movements giving the audience the right dosage of hypnotic adrenaline. 5K
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago


Made for showing on ABC TV, the darkly humoured Oddlands plays on the medieval trope of the ship of fools. This film suggests further iterations of the main characters and situations could s...
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

THEATRE – Men Behaving Badly – Holden Street – 3K

It all makes for a rollicking evening of theatre aided by quick and clever scene changes, use of video and lighting. 3K
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

OzAsia festival 2017 – SEVER – Elder Hall – 2K

By Tom Eckert Sever by David Harris and Zooma is a collaborative project between the two aforementioned and the Shanghai Peking Opera. The central premise is a juxtaposition of the old world...
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

OZASIA FESTIVAL – In Between Two – Space – 4K

Intelligent, provocative and inspiring for all Australians, In Between Two is an ambitious show that delivers for the Festival. 4K
Kryztoff RAW · 1M ago

THEATRE – Lettice and Lovage – UATG – Little Theatre – 4K

This is great fun for lovers of a good laugh as well as those who revel in the wonders of language - 4K