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Vielka Helen Gorriz I am happy to have this blog, so I can post history and be able to know people interested in history...

Reads about: books, history, book reviews, historical fiction, reviews

Jonathan Mcandrew

Reads about: aristocrat, regency, fictional

Anita-Clare Field

Reads about: writing, social media, marketing, blogging, business

Rachael Hale

Reads about: history, regency, genealogy, kent, aristocrat

Samantha Grace

Reads about: regency, historical, romance, writing, england

Bronwen Evans

Reads about: romance, regency, books, reviews, publishing

Tristan Hazell

Reads about: reviews, notting hill, aristocrat, regency, fictional

Sheila Littleton

Reads about: writing, life, regency, books, observations

Juliet Greenwood

Reads about: writing, books, romance, novels, authors

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