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LadyD Piano · 2W ago

Learn Cheri Keaggy Songs

I was thinking about the time that I met Cheri Keaggy in concert at my church. There are many songs that I love to sing and play on the piano. Here are just a few of my favorites. Heavenly F...
LadyD Piano · 1M ago

Recommended Fingering for Blues Scale

Recommended Fingering for Blues ScaleRight hand        C (1)    Eb(2)   F(3)    Gb(4)     G(1)    Bb(3)    C(4)For 2 or more octaves use the following fingering:up = 123413 123413 123413 dow...
LadyD Piano · 1M ago

Learn Jesus Loves Me: Chris Tomlin

I absolutely love this song! It's amazing that a song can be so simple in melody and words... and yet so powerful to the listener's heart, mind, and soul. Now, I'm not talking about the hymn...
LadyD Piano · 1M ago

Learn Rhythms of Grace

I like this song and it's super easy to play. Plus, the lyrics are great. Have a go with it!Rhythms of GraceWords and Music by Dean Ussher and Chris DavenportKey: CTime: 6/8 In a slow twoInt...
LadyD Piano · 1M ago

Learn To Play Not Be Moved

Jon Egan has written so many songs... Son Of God, Captives Free, Great God, It Was For Freedom, Who Are You, Solid Rock, Greater, Our God Is Coming, Rooftops, We Will Not Forget and more. He...
LadyD Piano · 1M ago

How To Play Forever: Chris Tomlin

From the songbook, Chris Tomlin Collection you'll find some amazing songs to perform with your worship team or just for your own enjoyment. Most of the songs are written for a tenor voice. Y...
LadyD Piano · 2M ago

How To Play Cross My Heart and Emily

There are two songs from the songbook Go West Young Man that I love to play. Here are the chord charts to Cross My Heart and Emily."Cross My Heart"Words and Music by Michael W. Smith and Way...
LadyD Piano · 3M ago

Learn Three More Hillsong Songs

"His Love" Words and Music by Raymond BadhamHillsong United: His Love on YouTubeKey: ETime: 4/4Verse EM9You're light is over meFlooding over me
LadyD Piano · 3M ago

Three Songs by Hillsong

I was looking through one of my music books and thought I would share song popular songs!From Hillsong God He Reigns:"All For Love"Words and Music by Mia Fieldes  Key: Key of ETime: 4/4Intro...
LadyD Piano · 3M ago

How To Play Agnus Dei

As I was looking through one of my old Michael W. Smith - Go West Young Man, I came across a song of his written in 1990. I remember playing it many times on the worship team. Here are the c...