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LARUG Blog · 11M ago

As If Time Exists | Real Time Visualization

Click (the image below), Join (if needed) and Come on By RTKL Callison #DTLA) January 11th, 2017 6pm ;) You also might like: A bit on Time
Stanley Johnson
Stanley  I am not sure how to post on here, but I just want everyone to know about the L.A. City election going on March 7th and to please do some research on Measure S!
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

Conference Season...Rabbit Season...

LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

Unify The Sh!*% Outta Your Content!!! With Unifi

Content problems, organizational issues?Let's get unified ...with... you guessed it... Unifi Labs!!! RSVP on LARUG's MeetUp Page.Troy Gates will share some of his Unifi(ed), real-world (as ...
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

Ch Ch CH Ch Changes | Revit Plans Budgets AECO Life You

LARUG Meetup | Wednesday August 24th 2016 6pm #DTLA Hit the link above (or the image below) and signup (for free) if needed, then RSVP if you're planning on coming by so we can have proper a...
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

AR, VR You Know I Had My Share | LARUG @ RTKL, DTLA

We're at it again bringing you LARUG @ RTKL, DTLA with the following program:-Just in case clicking the image doesn't work:
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

USC BIM & You | 10th Annual USC BIM Conference | July 22nd

Hey all,As Keren Kensek, our fave USC Architecture Professor is hosting a local BIM Conference that you don't want to miss (if you ask us ;) -As Karen wrote:Another excellent BIM conference ...
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

∞ BIM | Beyond the (SUM) | = Excel 201

Hit the image (or this text) to get to our meetup invitation (sign up if you'd like to attend and aren't a member already; it's free and tastes great) ...then we'll see you Wednesday, June 1...
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

LARUG April 2016 | Gnu Dog Party

-As always ;) hit the image, etc. for a link to our meetup site and get in the know :DLARUG April 20th, 2016, 6pmRTKL DTLA ...Live on the interwebs? Perhaps; if legal we'll post the link rig...
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

Rendering Flythroughs | March 2016

Revit, Lumion oh my ;) Thursday (ikr) March 24th, 2016, 6pm To get on our invite list for this or future events Sign up HERE ;)In our continuing exploration of workflows leveraged in AECO, w...
LARUG Blog · 1Y ago

February Meeting News | Apologies All Around

Yes, the February meeting was cancelled at the last minute due to the speaker backing out the night before the meeting.This is the first time we have had to cancel a meeting in such a manner...