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lathophobic aphasia · 1Y ago


From a student essay: 'Cloud computing provides extra hard dick capacity.'
lathophobic aphasia · 1Y ago

The End Days

lathophobic aphasia · 1Y ago

I dreamt a dream tonight

Dream: I am watching an episode of a detective series on TV. The series has the gritty, hard-boiled, get-to-grips-with-it title of Kiss the Banana.
lathophobic aphasia · 1Y ago

A Day in the Life V

This week is a reading week, meaning that the students in the university (as opposed to our little antechamber) have no lectures and are thus free to enjoy the luxury of total immersion in b...
lathophobic aphasia · 1Y ago

A Day in the Life IV

lathophobic aphasia · 2Y ago

And now the good news...

A few years ago a reader commented that I have a tendency on this blog to make my job sound like hard work. What with all these tales of awkward students, culture clashes, linguistic train w...