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Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

Invitation to Fellowship

Does it matter where you gather as a group of believers when you want to feel close to the Lord?
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

Conference in Boise

There will be a gathering of those who want to learn more about the Doctrine of Christ this weekend.
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

Praying on the Mountain Top

Why did Jesus seek solitude when we went to pray? Can benefit by seeking the mountain top>
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

Oh Babylon, We Bid Thee Farewell

One of the disadvantages of putting so much of one’s energy into a worldly career is the drain on both time and energy to focus on the true purpose of life – finding ways to bless one’s fell...
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago


First, Keith asked fellow bloggers to get the word out about the deadline to record 2015 baptismal ordinances. You can read more about it on his blog: Recorder’s Clearinghouse. And Keith, do...
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone

This is unusual for me to post two days in a row. But, when I asked what I could do to bless my fellowman, this is the answer that came – write. For you it may be different. I asked the Lord...
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

He Shall Give You Another Comforter

I had expected to spend this Saturday in what I anticipated to be an all-day project for work. About a half hour into the project, it became evident I needed to be onsite to accomplish the m...
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

Strengthening One Another in Fellowship

Fellowship is designed to strengthen one another: to bear one another's burdens and encourage each other in this life.
Latter-day Commentary · 1Y ago

Therefore Shall a Man Cleave Unto His Wife

On September 13 2014, I submitted a letter of resignation from the LDS Church to my local leader. I had thought long and hard about my decision and confirmed it in prayer several times. What...
Latter-day Commentary · 2Y ago

High on a Mountain Top

While not necessary, sometimes the Lord may give us a desire to be alone on a mountain or in the desert to pray.