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Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 1d ago

Dragon Songs Saga by JC Kang @SDSXXTours @JCKang804

Prelude to InsurrectionA Legends of Tivara Storyby JC KangGenre: Epic Fantasy, YA
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 2d ago

Mental Damnation: Reality by Konn Lavery @SDSXXTours @konnl

Having her family murdered by the humans during her people’s banishment from the surface w...
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 2d ago

The Lightning Progeny by Emily Cyr COVER REVEAL @agarcia6510

Title: The Lightning ProgenyAuthor: Emily CyrGenre: Adult Urban FantasyCover Designer: Naj...
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 2d ago

Rise of the Sea Witch by Stacey Rourke @agarcia6510

Title: Rise of the Sea WitchAuthor: Stacey RourkeGenre: YA Fantasy/ Fairy Tale and Folklor...
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 4d ago

Rising by Sandra Weiss @SDSXXTours @sonyaweiss

It’s been ten years since the Great Extinction, when Supernaturals threatened to destroy humanity. Now, in the sleepy town of Wayside, Nevada, seventeen-year-old Cassie Grant’s life couldn’t be more ordinary. Determined to get into an Ivy League coll...
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 5d ago

The Angel Knights by Mary Ting @SDSXXTours @MaryTing

The Angel Knights
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 5d ago

Keeper of Souls by Casey L. Bond @agarcia6510 @authorcaseybond

There is a world that exists beneath the fabric of our own, a torturous place filled with despair. The Keeper is there; Carmen just has to find out why and if there is a way to help him leav...
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 6d ago

Descendant Prophecies series by Mary Ting @SDSXXTours @MaryTing

From GodsDescendant Prophecies Book 1by Mary TingGenre: Urban Fantasy
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 1w ago

The Day Human Trilogy by B. Kristen McMichaels @agarcia6510

Title: The Day Human  TrilogyAuthor: B. Kristen McMichaelsGenre: YA Paranormal RomanceHost...
Laurie's Paranormal Posts · 1W ago

Alamir by Nessa Miller @starang13 @Ladyofkaos

Torn from a life of childish innocence, fourteen-year-old Etain Rhys witnesses the brutal murder of her family. Running for her life, she inadvertently lands in the mystical realm of the Ala...