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My Inside Stories · 7h ago

100 Years Strong

The Bryant-Fisher family reunion celebrates an important milestone in 2017—its 100th anniversary. The three-day reunion event will conclude with a final day of festivities in Elmwood Park. T...
My Inside Stories · 7h ago

Baseball and Soul Food

When baseball still ruled as the national pastime, Omaha showcased the game’s still prevalent but loosening black-white divide. In 1947, the year Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’...
My Inside Stories · 5d ago

TODAY: A Gospel Concert in the Park – “We will worship our Lord in the Open Spaces”

My Inside Stories · 4W ago

History in the Making: $65M Tri-Faith Initiative bridges religious, social, political gaps

Where do a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim break bread together? There's a place where the answer to this question isn't a punchline — it's a lived reality. Omaha is the site of the Tri-Faith...
My Inside Stories · 4W ago

North Omaha beckons investment, combats gentrification

After a stagnant half-century, northeast Omaha is finally seeing concerted redevelopment. No significant investment followed in the wake of late 1960s civil unrest, white flight, disruptive...
My Inside Stories · 1M ago

Omaha warrior Terence Crawford wins again but his greatest fight may be internal

Terence Crawford defeats Felix Diaz to retain his 140-pound world championship and to remain unbeaten. That's all well and good, but as Crawford is discovering, life outside the ring comes ...
My Inside Stories · 1M ago

In case you missed it – more of Leo’s Hot Movie Takes from winter-spring 2017

In case you missed it… More of Leo’s Hot Movie Takes from Winter-Spring 2017. Reviews, essays and trailers on an eclectic collection of films brought to you by– Leo Adam Biga, author of “Ale...
My Inside Stories · 1M ago

The Giving wheel keeps turning – Sowing seeds of philanthropy

Omaha charitable giving turns on a funding wheel of corporate, foundation and individual donors of all levels. There are also funding conduits or facilitators. This city with its high conce...
My Inside Stories · 1M ago

In case you missed it – Leo’s Hot Movie Takes, March-April 2017

Hot Movie Takes  – “Queen of Katwe” ©By Leo Adam Biga, Author of “Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film”  India native and longtime American resident Mira Nair deserves to be mentioned in the...
My Inside Stories · 1M ago

Omaha Community Foundation project assesses the Omaha landscape with the goal of affecting needed change

Data points measuring quality of life factors and stories telling people's actual lived experiences behind the statistics converge in a new Omaha Community Foundation project. Launched in 2...