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Les Davey de France · 2d ago

Is it an improvement? Hard to say...

On Monday I got home to see a van parked outside the flats and two men working on the telephone cabinet. This is the large metal structure that holds all the telecommunication gubbins for th...
Les Davey de France · 4d ago

We're having some beautiful days

but there are nasty viruses going round. We've all caught a brief ninja head cold. Mine lasted half a day, Pat and Catrin had a couple of days of misery.
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

A year of Trump and six months of Macron.

I just thought it should be marked in some way.
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

November frosts!

It is COLD in Pessac. Very cold.And there is this ninja head-cold going round.It gets you suddenly, hits you very hard indeed, then leaves as suddenly as it arrived.
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

A new name

The internet salesman wrote my name on his form."ALAIN - Alain, it's that, yes?""No, Alan - A L A N."He scrubbed out the I."A second forename?""Thomas"So it is that for the purposes of our t...
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

I managed to get through to the Royal Bank of Scotland on the phone number they gave me. The charming lady who answered was not Scottish. I explained our situation."Oh, we don't need any doc...
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

A song for Remembrance Day

Les Davey de France · 2W ago

Here we go again

In 2013 I had a long exchange of correspondence with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, the upshot of which was to establish that I am truly and completely fiscally resident in France, with ...
Les Davey de France · 2W ago

Well I don't know what went wrong with bus 4 yesterday

Pat and I met Catrin at 4 for tea and cake at Horace, then after buying a book as a gift for someone we went to wait for the bus 4 home."Is that snow?""I don't know. It's something."It wasn'...
Les Davey de France · 2W ago

Some music for Thursday