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Les Davey de France · 1d ago

Yay! A day off!

I knew there'd be one around here somewhere.Morning run round the sodden vineyard and through the damp streets.Maybe shopping for cotton trousers later.And music, music, music.
Les Davey de France · 1d ago

Some music for Thursday

Les Davey de France · 1d ago

Dialogue Véritas

Well there we are. Two evenings that went OK.On Monday evening I had to deal with "Is there life after death", and the pastor from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Florian, had "Does God ex...
Les Davey de France · 2d ago

Today I was brave

On Friday morning as I tottered out for a scamper round the vines I saw that there were two people waiting by the bus stop. I don't wear my glasses to run and sometimes I have to squint to d...
Les Davey de France · 6d ago

Here's something a tiny bit more serious on Patrick

from the website of the Gospel Coalition - click HEREand from Wales Today - click HERE
Les Davey de France · 6d ago

Here are some things that made me smile

Bobo = bourgeois-bohème (the rich and trendy)Facho = fascists (the extreme right)Beer for Patrick's Day, Leffe, Desperadoes and Hoegaarden! Figures, I suppose:
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

24th anniversary

On Tuesday, having discovered new reserves of energy, we decided to go out for a meal to celebrate our anniversary. This means lunch, for reasons I won't go into. Now Bordeaux has an embarra...
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

24 years of photographs

I'm pretty sure that when we got married and went on honeymoon I had an Olympus Pen EE3 half-frame camera. It was great. It took no batteries and was as reliable as can be. It took great pho...
Les Davey de France · 1W ago

I went to a concert on Saturday evening

in the Eglise Saint-Nicolas, a big 19th century heap with lots of trompe l'oeil swags and bows in the interior.  The concert was given by the amateur vocal ensemble, Stella Montis, which spe...
Les Davey de France · 1W ago


One problem with being a creature of habit and fitting a 6:30 run into your life is that when your life is disrupted in any way - late nights, for example - your habits go out of the window ...