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Les Davey de France · 7h ago

What I learned about Easyjet

Pat and I got up all excited. Today we were flying to London to go to EMA, the Evangelical Ministry Assembly. In addition we would be able to run amok through London. Yipppeeeee!I printed ou...
Les Davey de France · 10h ago

The story of Dan and Nancy Painter

On the other hand, maybe we need to mobilise the grey army?Read about it here.
Les Davey de France · 10h ago

Man, that's timely

Feeling encouraged and discouraged, hopeful and frustrated in equal measure at the moment about the progress of the gospel here in Bordeaux.Some years ago we were very concerned for Mérignac...
Les Davey de France · 10h ago

Back on the trot

It felt good, though a tiny bit ... breathless? ... to be back on the trail this morning.I didn't run during the heatwave. The government told us to avoid physical effort. Also we weren't sl...
Les Davey de France · 10h ago

Ed Stetzer sometimes drives me nuts, and sometimes makes me cheer...

but here, I think he is saying something very important.
Les Davey de France · 10h ago

I walked up the stairs in our house.

Our big, old house with its dark varnished, turned balustrades.As I climbed the winding flights of stairs towards the attic room I was startled to see all the toys were moving around. No-one...
Les Davey de France · 3d ago

Here's some photos, though

Les Davey de France · 3d ago

Oh dear! What a gap!

Sorry chaps! It's been one of those times when it's hot, you charge as slowly as possible from one thing to another and lots of deadlines loom large.Meanwhile we're encouraged, but feel disc...
Les Davey de France · 1w ago

When the pharmacy thermometer says 41°C

We're on heatwave alert here. That's when it's over 30 in the day and still in the 20s at night. It means you heat up and you never cool down. Not never. Not at all.Our secret weapon is shut...
Les Davey de France · 1w ago

I'm sorry but this time we can't help

Escape and Pray sent people to Bordeaux again on Friday and they phoned me for help.The idea, I think, is loosely based on  Luke 10, and consists of sending folk out with a return airline ti...