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Shauna Moreno mom of 3, one boy with special needs plus 2 precocious girls, crafty, DIY, eco-friendly living are m...

Reads about: parenting, family, product reviews, crafts, fashion

Sherry Nappa

Reads about: crafts, cooking, food, social media, marketing

Jo Ann Nugent May The sunny side of life!

Reads about: food, decorating, family, travel, cooking

Dwi Fikriyah

Reads about: liberal, internet, graphic designers, graphic design, graphic designing

Patricia O'Boyle Bad... I'm a life long native New Yorker who lives in Brooklyn, and who loves the city and brings the best ...

Reads about: food, italy, travel, cooking, photography

Shelley Rae Brice-Bo...

Reads about: fashion, vintage, vintage clothing, autism, technology

Maria Parenti-Baldey

Reads about: life, scrapbooking, crafts, humor, photography

Debbie Black Odle

Reads about: scrapbooking, crafts, stamping, cards, cardmaking

Annabelle Harries Bubbly, excitable and normally behind a camera. I write about baking, social media, tech and photogr...

Reads about: recipes, baking, food, photography, healthy

Angi Cox Travis Atch...

Reads about: crafts, design, marketing, beauty, scrapbooking

Kristian Ningsih

Reads about: etsy, scrapbooking, crafts

Tammy Kent

Reads about: scrapbooking, crafts, stamping, cardmaking, digital scrapbooking

Adrienne Z Hoffman M...

Reads about: gluten free, celiac disease, food, health, parenting

Denise Navas

Reads about: crafts, rubber stamps, scrapbooking, stamping, card making

Tiffany Couch I love crafting, primitives, baceicly anything to do with crafts and seasonal crfts .

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, recipes, stamping, primitives

Alisa Hamilton Ricke...

Reads about: coupons, freebies, parenting, family, health

Dina Marks

Reads about: family, giveaways, recipes, reviews, food

Nanasue Grandaddy

Reads about: recipes, life, parenting, crafts, dieting

Cindy O'Neill

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, diy, books, recipes

Jennifer Gochoel

Reads about: giveaways, reviews, family, coupons, contests

Thinz Mhade

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, cardmaking, cards

Micaela Adwell

Reads about: faith, books, diy

Itaya Lightbourne I am an artist and I love creating art paintings, clip art, graphic designs, digital designs, mixed ...

Reads about: scrapbooking, crafts, illustration, art, stamping

Toni Bryant

Reads about: vintage, etsy, art, crafts, fashion

Lisa Schempp Flinder...

Reads about: etsy, scrapbooking, crafts

Anna Liatsopouliu

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, cardmaking, cards

Stacie Kuklis Fourro...

Reads about: crafts, design, nail art, diy, art

Donna Kober Retired student of fused glass, metal clay, polymer clay, beading, machine embroidery and sewing.

Reads about: crafts, metal clay, jewelry, sewing, art

Rachel Moore

Reads about: crafts, design, fashion, diy, art

Shirley Cumbie Wood

Reads about: family, contests, life, food, home

Helen Rogerson

Reads about: crafts, witchcraft, scrapbooking, diy, wicca

Helen Krejci Fern

Reads about: art, food, photography, sculpture, family

Natwar Maheshwari

Reads about: crafts, etsy, art, handmade, marketing

Vivian Simons I'm Retied from Law Enforcement. I LOVE my Family & Friends, Antiques, Beading, Cooking, Crafting, ...

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, quilting, handmade, sewing

Shabnam Ahsan I am Shabnam Ahsan, happily married housewife with 3 cute daughters. I’ve done my masters in history...

Reads about: fashion, family, technology, home decor, health fitness

Sharon Stevenson Ell...

Reads about: home decor, diy, gardening, vintage, tea

Diana Larson

Reads about: scrapbooking, crafts, stamping, cardmaking, cards

Sarah Kuhlmann

Reads about: etsy, scrapbooking, crafts

Trudy Stripling

Reads about: etsy, scrapbooking, crafts

Casey Hill

Reads about: etsy, scrapbooking, crafts

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