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Lightning-Chronicles · 11M ago


Originally posted on MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Dragon Post: I’ve republished The Rode to Justice (John Rode, 1st-grade detective, murder stories) Kindle book. I have put the book...
Lightning-Chronicles · 11M ago

Bookworm’s confession

Photo post by @KawaneeHamilton. Source: Bookworm’s confession
Lightning-Chronicles · 12M ago

Two Worlds

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology...: I watched one of those tourism videos about the place I live, the quaint shops, the famous people who visit, the history, the ...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago

It’s so sad!

Today I learnt that one of my biggest fans passed away suddenly. I met him at a bike rally. I wasn’t in it but at one of their stops passing through our little town, I had set up a book sign...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago

The new America

As the reality of the new America sinks in, I’m back to writing and reading again. It is hard to believe the results of our election but having to choose the lesser of two evils, the America...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago

Hi, Wildoats back again.

I’m a horse so they tell me. Picking up where I left off. Remember, John worked in a leather shop to create my first halter, bridle and repair my first saddle. The saddle was the one thing I...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago

Arkansas river pipeline (Diamond pipeline) post by my wife

I wish I had the President’s phone number, I would like to ask him and his wife if they care as much as I do, about the fate of their children and their grandchildren. I just found out tonig...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago

Selling Books the Write Way

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy: Authors and bloggers both hate promotion, but at the same time they need it to gain visibility. Unless you are fortunate enough to have thousands of peopl...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago

HI,, my name is Wildoats. I’m a horse so they tell me.

I’d like to tell you a story about how I came to be in book called “Saddle Spur” and John’s best pal. My story began when I was just a foal (young colt).  I wasn’t even weaned yet  from my m...
Lightning-Chronicles · 1Y ago


Originally posted on alkaplan: Discussing politics is not my style. In fact, I hate it. I can remain silent no longer. Just to be clear, I am not endorsing any of this year’s presidential ca...