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Limerick Christmas Trees · 2Y ago

Pot Growing Christmas Trees

An experiment to grow smaller Christmas trees, These are Fraser fir, my thoughts are to try in the ground then dig up and put in pots when ready for sale at ideally year 3, these are planted...
Limerick Christmas Trees · 2Y ago

Drainage and Saving a Flooded Field

We have had a lot of problems with run off water from the road flooding part of the field out this year as the field is lower than the road and the plants are standing in water, my plan is t...
Limerick Christmas Trees · 2Y ago

2 Year Noble Fir Transplants

We have some 2 year old transplants, decided to plant some in trays and some some in 1.5 litre pots for growing on, the pot ones will eventually be in larger pots, the tray one will be plant...