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Lisa Buie-Collard · 4d ago

May, IWSG, and Beginning our "Tour de France"

IWSG WEBSITE MY APOLOGIES ALL!!! For some reason my post didn't go up on the second when it was scheduled to, so, I'm making sure it's up now. So.... France is still a dream, though a mor...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

April is here! IWSG and A to Z

IWSG WEBSITE April has arrived, and so have flowers, greenery and my husband. He got here mid March and we spent a week babysitting a friends house, alone, together, getting to know one ano...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 2M ago

It's March!

IWSG Website
Lisa Buie-Collard · 3M ago

February IWSG in France

Lisa Buie-Collard · 3M ago

How Lucky Am I?!

I am staying with friends who have another house in a town about an hour's drive from here and they've been gone since Thursday, leaving me alone, which I am loving. I've had time to write, ...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 3M ago

Pathways: The French Journey Continues

Lisa Buie-Collard · 3M ago

One Week In France

A hawk and its nest in Cornebarrieu...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 4M ago

Bien Venu en France! Welcome to France Everyone!

Lisa Buie-Collard · 4M ago

January Is Here! First IWSG of 2018

Lisa Buie-Collard · 5M ago

December is for Family, IWSG, and Change