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Lisa Buie-Collard · 1W ago

It's March!

IWSG Website
Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

February IWSG in France

Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

How Lucky Am I?!

I am staying with friends who have another house in a town about an hour's drive from here and they've been gone since Thursday, leaving me alone, which I am loving. I've had time to write, ...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

Pathways: The French Journey Continues

Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

One Week In France

A hawk and its nest in Cornebarrieu...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

Bien Venu en France! Welcome to France Everyone!

Lisa Buie-Collard · 2M ago

January Is Here! First IWSG of 2018

Lisa Buie-Collard · 3M ago

December is for Family, IWSG, and Change

Lisa Buie-Collard · 4M ago

November IWSG and Of Course Being Thankful

IWSG Since it is now November, I want to write about being thankful. I don’t want to wallow in what is not right in my writing life, instead I want to think of all I have in my whole life...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 4M ago

FULL DARK: An Anthology Releasing Today!