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Lisa Buie-Collard · 6d ago

December is for Family, IWSG, and Change

Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

November IWSG and Of Course Being Thankful

IWSG Since it is now November, I want to write about being thankful. I don’t want to wallow in what is not right in my writing life, instead I want to think of all I have in my whole life...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 1M ago

FULL DARK: An Anthology Releasing Today!

Lisa Buie-Collard · 2M ago

IWSG October and Freedom

IWSG Welcome to October and the winds of change...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 3M ago

IWSG September Is Here, And So Am I!

IWSG So, late but still making it today and not days from now! Progress! And, good news, our house is under contract, hope to be closing on the 29th of this month. What a difference this ha...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 4M ago


IWSG CLICK HERE And here it is already past the due date for posting for the IWSG monthly blog post, again. "Life is what happens when you're busy planning something else" is a saying so tr...
Lisa Buie-Collard · 5M ago

IWSG - Reading Instead of Writing

Lisa Buie-Collard · 5M ago

The Book Thief - Book Review

Lisa Buie-Collard · 7M ago

IWSG May Day May Day!

Lisa Buie-Collard · 8M ago

IWSG for April, Yes, I Finally Posted Again!

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