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Listics “History may only rarely be written by the losers, but it is always written by the writers.” --

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Dean Landsman

Reads about: technology, social media, marketing, media, public relations

Kader Lennon

Reads about: الجزائر, تدوين, شخصية, المجتمع, كمبيوتر وانترنيت

Robert Wayne Smith

Reads about: environment, politics, people

Cowtown Pattie

Reads about: travels, environment, people, paris, politics

Zo Spencer

Reads about: humor, men, women, environment, people

Gio Buendía

Reads about: environment, crítica literaria, poesía, escritura impura, people

George Partington

Reads about: environment, politics, people

Frank Paynter

Reads about: politics, marketing, food, progressive, media

Lousi Nomik

Reads about: politics, anarchy, communism, art, anarchism

Tammy Gordon

Reads about: food, politics, fashion, dc, florida

Karoli Kuns

Reads about: politics, photography, travel, life, web

Gary Gothrup

Reads about: environment, politics, people

Steve Hanson

Reads about: politics, wisconsin, progressive, technology, liberal

Schiødt-Heinsen Eril...

Reads about: environment, politics, people

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