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Literary Liaisons · 9M ago

STORY STRUCTURE: The 5 Key Turning Points of All Successful Screenplays – from Michael Hauge’s Story Mastery

If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know that I pay a lot of attention to how screenwriters hone their craft and develop their stories.  In the screenwriting world … Continue reading →
Literary Liaisons · 10M ago

Why Authors Should Read, Read, Read.

I don’t know how other authors find their muse, stay inspired and focused while they craft their 300-400 page megillah – for you non-Yiddish speakers, a megillah is slang for … Continue read...
Literary Liaisons · 11M ago

Chasing Bliss? Then Read This Book

  Most of us know Larry Brooks as a writing instructor extraordinaire and great fiction author, but we didn’t know him as relationship guru until now. Here’s my review of … Continue reading ...
Literary Liaisons · 11M ago

How to #Hashtag with Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon

I just saw a tweet on Twitter that was all hashtags and was reminded of this hilarious video on the use of #Hashtag” with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (Late Night … Continue reading →
Literary Liaisons · 11M ago

I Will Be Teaching In September – Join Me!

“Special” Manzanita Writers’ Series Event                                                   … Continue reading →
Literary Liaisons · 11M ago

Writers beware: Protect Your Right (write) to Have an Opinion

Though I already posted this on Facebook I am sharing it here as well for one big reason: WRITERS, If we don’t take care of who we elect into powerful … Continue reading →
Literary Liaisons · 11M ago

Converting Fear to Hope ~ Transformative Writing

My cancer doesn’t have a month. You know, when everyone runs, raises money, wears pink and celebrates the boobs or testicles they do or do not have, grateful for life. … Continue reading →
Literary Liaisons · 1Y ago

Scene Checklist

A scene in a story or novel has a lot of work to do. If you think of a story as a series of scenes, then it stands to reason…
Literary Liaisons · 1Y ago

What’s a first Plot Point?

Are you writing a novel? Understanding where your First Plot Point is buried is as critical as knowing who your protagonist is, because remember, it’s not a story until something … Continue ...
Literary Liaisons · 1Y ago

Writing as a Restorative Tool–No Co-Pay Needed

There are so many reasons why we write: to tell our true life stories, to create fiction, to enlighten, to educate, to entertain. But to me one of the main … Continue reading →