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Teri Thorsteinson

Reads about: cats, dogs, cornish rex, pets, sphynx

Katherine Hamilton

Reads about: dogs, dog, schnauzer, dog behavior, pet

Melody Lassalle

Reads about: genealogy, family history, ancestry, family, health

Kathleen Mueller Pet parent to 2 dogs & 3 cats, travel executive, fibromyalgia, EWF, Cape Cod, a soldier's WWII lette...

Reads about: dogs, pets, cats, fibromyalgia, dog

Jeanne Melanson I am a Canadian from Nova Scotia, living in the U.S. My passions are my family, art, music, philoso...

Reads about: pets, dogs, cats, animals, dog

Ruth Cox

Reads about: writing, giveaways, reviews, books, life

Nancy Carol Brown Ha...

Reads about: writing, squidoo, photography, family, cats

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