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Little Sprouts Farm · 2d ago

Fava beans are up!

They are here! Our first fava bean sprouts.It seemed a bit of touch and go with a few sprouts appearing each day for almost 2 weeks, but all of a sudden.. boom! Bean sprouts!They look health...
Little Sprouts Farm · 6d ago

Quick Update on things for April

Sorry, no pictures on this post. Quite honestly... we have been a bit too busy to keep up with reporting on things.  So here is a quick update:1. The fave beans are sprouted, reasonably well...
Little Sprouts Farm · 3W ago

Spring is here! Fava Beans in the Ground!

Spring has finally arrived and we are busy getting seed into the ground for this year's animal feed harvests.  Yes it is a tad early, but some plants are fine germinating in the cooler weath...
Little Sprouts Farm · 4W ago

Sheep and grass

The sheep had same quality time with green grass over the weekend! The ground is finally drying out enough for them to graze without mud puddles.This patch will soon become the first spring ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 4W ago

New Product! Pork Stew Meat

Need a quick meat dish? Try our new pork stew meat. Nothing added, just our highest quality pork cut into tender stew chunks, waiting for your culinary genius.You can use this in stir frys, ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 4W ago

New Product! Bulk English Banger Sausage, Gluten Free!

Now you can buy our popular English Banger Sausage, Gluten Free version, as BULK (no casings). The same great flavor and quality as the dinner links, now in bulk. The recipe variety for this...
Little Sprouts Farm · 4W ago

New Product! Mild Italian Bulk Sausage!

MMMMM, If i must say so myself.. this is now my FAVORITE flavor of sausage!Mild Italian sausage, in bulk (no casings)!This sausage is not spicy at all, it is a pleasant mild italian flavor. ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 4W ago

New Package - GF English Bangers

The sausage recipes are going through a packaging change. One by one they get our new three color label!The recipes have changed slightly, so if you have not tried themyet, please do!
Little Sprouts Farm · 4W ago

New Product! HOT DOGS!

Exciting new product as just arrived! "UNCURED" All pork hot dogs!These are VERY unique hot dogs, becasue they are made from Little Sprouts Pork! Which of course is everything you want in a ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 1M ago

Chick Days at Little Sprouts!

It's HERE!     It's HERE! The chicks have hatched! Right on schedule. Well over half arrived by tonight, and the rest should be hatching tomorrow, at 21 days. So far, there are 109 chicks ru...