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Little Sprouts Farm · 1M ago

Exciting news!

Stay tuned... Major announcements coming soon.posted from Bloggeroid
Little Sprouts Farm · 1M ago

Exciting New Beginnings - Sad Endings

This is a bitter sweet post to write. With every new beginning, comes an ending. It is time for Little Sprouts Farm to enter into a new beginning, which means the end of what is. Our farm an...
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago

Tonight's menu at the pig table

Tonight for our produce fed pigs, we have the following:Fresh vine ripened whole pumpkins served on a bed of pumpkin vines with roots. For a savory side dish, a collection of whole kohlrabi....
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago

Largest turkey ever!

This year we started offering bird processing for customers as a service. The other local bird processing service shut down, so we stepped in with our equipment to fill the gap. And wow the...
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago


Hunter headed out to do his harvesting of the Frost bitten plants for pig feed today only to find a sad sight. A group of a few neighbor dogs had slipped into the garden through the squares ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago

Early and unexpected Frost

Farming is a dance with nature, a dance where we are but performers, not choreographers. We might at time think that we write the dance, but no... We don't. This week reminded us of this tru...
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago

Sheep coming home

The first of the sheep are home. They spent the summer out at another property with lots of lush green grass. But with summer over, it is time to come home for lambing.They seemed to remembe...
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago


They are finally ripe! Remember those 1000 tomato plants that were donated to the farm? Well... They did good. Very good. They have been growing quietly in the back all this time. We got a ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 2M ago

Tough Week

Wow, sometimes life is challenging.  I could use this blog to only share the "good stuff" of happy memories, dreams and successes. But, as you know, that is not real life. Real life is made ...
Little Sprouts Farm · 3M ago

Lamb is Back In Stock! --- Order now for immediate delivery!

Yes! After a long wait... we finally have lamb products back in stock! And some exciting ones at that!This year we have:Ground lamb in 1 lb packagesMildly spicy breakfast linksMint Cranberry...