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lit! Humanities, Liberal Arts, and Media
lit! · 4W ago

Tolkien and the ‘Actualism of Story-Growing’

From a post at The Flame Imperishable: “It wasn’t just that Tolkien’s tale grew in the telling, but the very concept, for example, of what a hobbit is was something that grew and developed a...
lit! · 1M ago

Bob Dylan on Religion

Bob Dylan: "Religion is a dirty word. It doesn’t mean anything. Coca-Cola is a religion. Oil and..." Continue reading →
lit! · 1M ago

‘Marx in Soho’ and the current political climate

Howard Zinn, in his 1999 play Marx in Soho, has Karl Marx say something like, “Why is it that every movement of six people is trying to expel someone?” In Zinn’s imagination, even Marx is ex...
lit! · 1M ago

Owen Barfield and Clyde Kilby discuss C.S. Lewis on video

I just yesterday found this video, which includes Owen Barfield’s account of his friendship with C.S. Lewis. The occasion was Barfield’s Nov. 3, 1977, visit to Wheaton College’s Marion E. Wa...
lit! · 1M ago

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression

Once the mechanism by which someone could be punished for what they say is in place, why would I trust that its focus would always & only be on my political enemies? Power will shift & mecha...
lit! · 2M ago

Rediscovered C.S. Lewis Christmas Sermon: ‘we shall have to set about becoming true Pagans’

"...we shall have to set about becoming true Pagans," C.S. Lewis once wrote. Continue reading →
lit! · 2M ago

Words against reality

"The power of words over reality cannot be unlimited..." Continue reading →
lit! · 3M ago

Let there be language

Language is light, and that's not merely metaphorical. Continue reading →
lit! · 3M ago

‘Even those who purposely reject religion intuitively see design in nature’

I’m still busy with grading and family life, but I took a look at my Twitter feed, and I saw this, FWIW: The divided mind of a disbeliever. Even those who purposely reject religion intuitive...
lit! · 3M ago

The real question about those one-star votes

In which I respond to my secret shamer. Continue reading →