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lit! · 4d ago

Political Heroes

Written in 1992, resonant today: “[B]y the end of the eighteenth century a whole new type of public figure had to be invented: individuals who could—as Mussolini would have it—make the train...
lit! · 2W ago

Globally, Women Are More Likely Than Men to be Religious, Pew Research Center Data Says

Pew Research Center data says men are more likely to be atheists. Here are the graphics. Continue reading →
lit! · 3W ago

Should You Perceive Meaning in Nature?

If humans can manipulate some aspect of nature—in other words, if humans find a way to perform godlike miracles with the building blocks of, say, biology—does that mean whatever’s manipulabl...
lit! · 1M ago

In Memory of Peter Augustine Lawler, Here’s My 2007 Interview With Him

Peter Augustine Lawler has died. The late conservative political philosopher at Berry College, member of President George W. Bush’s Council on Bioethics, Catholic, pop culture wit, and autho...
lit! · 1M ago

Student Modes of Attaching Pages

Least Favorite: Dog-Ear Most Creative: Tiny Clothespin  Most Practical: Staple Most Versatile: Large Paperclip Filed under: Christian Humanism Tagged: academia, college, papers
lit! · 2M ago

‘I Grew up in The Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s Why I Left’

Megan Phelps-Roper grew up in the Phelps family of Westboro Baptist Church, which is notorious for its obnoxious, degrading, and genuinely hateful protests. In this video, Phelps-Roper talks...
lit! · 2M ago

We’re Still Reading Print Books! Thank Pew For The Good News

Having recently moved hundreds of my books into storage during some serious work on my house, I have questioned my judgment and my affinity for book-hoarding. But somehow, even with the back...
lit! · 2M ago

Down With Evangelistic Art!

“When art is used as a tool for evangelism, it is often insincere and second-rate, devalued to the level of propaganda. I would call this a form of prostitution, a misuse of one’s talent.” —...
lit! · 3M ago

Functional Ignorance

It’s not what he says that bothers me. It’s that what he says is all he knows. His worldview is informed only by his worldview, and maybe by his worldview’s prefabricated responses to other ...
lit! · 3M ago

‘The Nostalgia of the Infinite’ by Giorgio de Chirico

I’m grateful to have seen this at the MoMA earlier this week. De Chirico’s work gets at something in me. I first saw his work at the MoMA back in May, but only three of his paintings were on...