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lit! · 1W ago

Words against reality

"The power of words over reality cannot be unlimited..." Continue reading →
lit! · 3W ago

Let there be language

Language is light, and that's not merely metaphorical. Continue reading →
lit! · 3W ago

‘Even those who purposely reject religion intuitively see design in nature’

I’m still busy with grading and family life, but I took a look at my Twitter feed, and I saw this, FWIW: The divided mind of a disbeliever. Even those who purposely reject religion intuitive...
lit! · 1M ago

The real question about those one-star votes

In which I respond to my secret shamer. Continue reading →
lit! · 1M ago

‘A Roman Ghost Story for Halloween’

I really loved this, from Pliny the Younger, via The Lion of Chaeronea: There was a house at Athens that was large and roomy, but infamous for its pernicious atmosphere. Through the silence ...
lit! · 1M ago

An unlikely affair at the intersection of pop culture and philosophy

Thank you, Twitter and KimKierkegaardashian, for helping me laugh this morning: Here's a quick anti-aging trick: die — KimKierkegaardashian (@KimKierkegaard) October 24, 2017 //platform.twit...
lit! · 2M ago

Try to be objective about this

“...without a subject, nothing at all would exist to confront objects, and to imagine them as such. True, this implies that every object, everything ‘objective’—in being merely objectivized ...
lit! · 2M ago

Hell, Freedom, and the Predestinating Gospel

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy: But what about HELL? This is always the first question posed when confronted with Robert W. Jenson’s understanding of the gospel as unconditional pro...
lit! · 3M ago

When You’re Certain You’re Right

Is it possible to know you’re right on a controversial subject and not be proud? Are certainty and pride just peas in the same pod? Is it possible to believe in a position, stance, doctrine,...
lit! · 4M ago

Prague Postcard: Alfons Mucha Stained Glass Window

In Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague. Read about the Mucha stained glass here. I also got to visit the Mucha Museum while I was in Prague, but was not able to see his Slav Epic at the National G...