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lit! · 2d ago

A Caution About Big Evangelical Churches and Popular Ministers

Author Dan Pink, in an Intelligence Squared podcast (about something completely different from church-related stuff), responded to a question at the end of his presentation with this: “Power...
lit! · 1W ago

Start a Ministry in America

Working to make God work. Continue reading →
lit! · 4W ago

Martin Luther Says to Drink Away Temptation

"Whenever the devil harasses you thus, seek the company of men, or drink more, or joke and talk nonsense, or do some other merry thing. Sometimes we must drink more, sport, recreate ourselve...
lit! · 1M ago

Happy New Year — Does Even God Know the Future?

Happy New Year! Does God know the future? Physicist, theologian, and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne thinks He might not. In the following short video excerpt of a longer interview for Clo...
lit! · 1M ago

James K.A. Smith: ‘We were created for stories’

Two of the most-clicked posts on this blog have been Paul Holmer: How literature functions and Umberto Eco on theory and narrative. The common theme between the two might be that storytellin...
lit! · 1M ago

When You Don’t Know Any Prayers

“He began crawling toward the dark hallway arch. Ozzie had never taught him or Diana any prayers, so he whispered the words of religious Christmas carols…” From the novel Last Call (1992) by...
lit! · 2M ago

Consciousness, Culture, and Art: Informal Comments on an Imagist Poem by William Carlos Williams

Originally posted on The Orthosphere: Ou Li Da The poem to which this essay’s subtitle refers is one of the much-excerpted and much anthologized verse-interpolations in the Menippean combina...
lit! · 2M ago

Footnote: Blog Stats at the End of the Semester

It's interesting to see which blog posts get hits during the end of the semester.... it's fairly obvious students near and far are searching the Internet for sources and backgrounds. Continu...
lit! · 2M ago

Four Brief Quotations About the Urgency of Living

I can’t remember the name of the book where I found these, but I thought they were worth snapping — Filed under: Christian Humanism Tagged: books, Carl Jung, existential, existentialism, Jos...
lit! · 3M ago


Status is its own mode of self-destruction. It depends not upon the self’s improvements, nor the soul’s refinements, nor God’s blessings, nor Fortune’s smiles, but upon the variable winds of...