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Living the Miracle · 2d ago

Our Spring Surprise

Earlier this spring, when I took the kids to school one morning we saw a male mallard duck in our yard. There are parks around us that have water and trees and perfect places where ducks cou...
Living the Miracle · 5d ago

A Giggle Down Memory Lane

So today I turned 47. As my brother and I chatted on the phone we decided that yes, now I have come out of the mid 40's and into my late 40s. I felt him hesitate a bit when he was about to s...
Living the Miracle · 1W ago

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes life is just a little too serious...don't you agree?
Living the Miracle · 1W ago

Some New Little Friends

This spring in our circle of friends, there have been a few new babies. I found a really cute pattern for a baby quilt that I really wanted to make.The fabric stash challenge I made with mys...
Living the Miracle · 1W ago

Happy Mother's Day

Oyama's for Mother's Day Eve with my favorite people in the whole world! We usually go out on Saturday night before Mother's Day to avoid the crowds. Next year we will check the prom schedul...
Living the Miracle · 3W ago

Help, Please!

This is my jade plant. It is actually several that have been growing together in this very small pot.I can't even imagine the roots under that dirt. Dawn and I have talked for awhile now abo...
Living the Miracle · 3W ago

A Sweet Surprise

What a super great and pleasant surprise I got today when I came home from work! There was a box from the Craftsy company (which if you have been following me much, you know that the name of...
Living the Miracle · 3W ago

Feeling My Feet

Today I drove down to PCI for my twice a week appointment for acupuncture which is starting to help a little. As has been my routine, I walk in at the ground level. There are days when I wal...
Living the Miracle · 1M ago

So I Put Myself In Time Out

Sisters after our Good Friday serviceSometimes you just need to step back in this age of photographing every single thing that you do and enjoy the "undocumented" life. I have done a little ...
Living the Miracle · 1M ago

Just Look Up? What?

It happened again...I recently heard said from the pulpit, from a pastor speaking to a crowd of people that depression happens when we look too long at ourselves, that somehow depression mea...