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Living the Miracle · 3W ago

It Starts Today

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...I am going to be organized, put together and know where everything is within 30 seconds of needing it.I am going to have a dinner on the table...
Living the Miracle · 1M ago

Strands of Strength Video

I will do anything to promote this great group of people. It is October...breast cancer awareness month. The reason we all see pink in October is because someone went through this terrible e...
Living the Miracle · 3M ago

You'll Find Me in the Kitchen

I wasn't expecting that a week full of canning tomatoes and cucumbers would bring me to the places in my mind that I went this past week. Not realizing how activities or events can bring on ...
Living the Miracle · 3M ago

Just a Little Comparison

Living the Miracle · 3M ago

Ode to Marissa

And so it was years ago, on a trip home from Iowa to Georgia when we got the call. We were only half way home, stopping over at my sister's house in Kentucky. Marissa Mae had come, only hour...
Living the Miracle · 4M ago

To the Ballgame

Thanks to Aiming For a Cure, we got to spend last Sunday afternoon at the ballpark. It was a beautiful day for a ballgame!Cheering on the Kernels! (Looks like I need a coolpair of sunglasses...
Living the Miracle · 4M ago

Broken In With 10,000 Steps

I am doing my best to be active and to start exercising more as my doctor says. I was able to report yesterday at my appointment that I have indeed exercised. I have been able to get out and...
Living the Miracle · 4M ago

I Can't Drive 55 (Apparently)

I am here today to announce that the experiment is finished. I am done, no longer am I going to stick to my normal safe (but a little too fast) driving habits. The experiment goes like this....
Living the Miracle · 5M ago

A Week at Camp

He looks much older to his mom.There was another scout camper gone this week. Matthew had his day camp in early June, Ryan's camp went in mid-June and Zachary's troop went this week. As I wr...
Living the Miracle · 5M ago

A Not So Little Mermaid

I had a request from a not so little anymore daughter to make her a mermaid tail. I made one for my niece last year for her birthday. Stacey even went as far as to show me a pattern on Pinte...