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Liz Fichera's Blog When you can't enter through the front door, kick in a window.

English - Writing, Books, Publishing
Liz Fichera's Blog · 2W ago

Good Reads

I hope you had a chance to read some really good books over the summer.  I did.Here are two that I really enjoyed.  One I read on a plane between Chicago and Phoenix. The other I read on my ...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 3M ago

From Italy Con Amore

Just spent two crazy fun weeks in Rome with my family with side trips to the Tuscany region, Florence (my fave), Pompei, Positano and the Amalfi Coast.  I'm pretty sure I ate my body weight ...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 4M ago

Reaching Out

I shared this post on my Facebook and Twitter pages and certainly wanted to share here as well.A good reminder to reach-out to your parents, grandparents, and elderly neighbors, especially t...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 5M ago

Spring Has Sprung in the Sonoran Desert

I usually post these photos to my Facebook account, but the desert has been so beautiful this year (thank you, Rain!) that I wanted to post them here as well.  Here are just a few pics from ...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 5M ago

Ring of Fire

Last night, I had tickets to the Arizona Theatre production of RING OF FIRE at The Herberger in Phoenix. Battling traffic to get there from all of the Final Four tourists and downtown events...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 6M ago

When Life Intersects with Reality

This is quite possibly the cutest thing on the Internet right now. Definitely share-worthy:There's a story here, waiting to be told. :)Happy Spring!
Liz Fichera's Blog · 7M ago

Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

Until the second half of this football game, I was only in it for the commercials.  But then, wham, what a comeback by the Patriots...Anyway, this is the only time of year worth watching tel...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 8M ago

Good Reads

Over the Christmas holidays, I read a ton of books on the gorgeous beaches of Turks & Caicos (shared some pics on my Facebook page!). Two were outstanding and I wanted to share those with yo...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 10M ago

Silver Bells

Time for family, friends, slower days, a hot chocolate or three and plenty of books.Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and a happy and healthy New Year.Thanks for sharing your ...
Liz Fichera's Blog · 10M ago

Sharing Poetry from a Friend

Poetry lovers: I wanted to share a recently published collection of beautiful poetry from ...