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Magic and the Occult · 6M ago

Art of Secret Societies

Did anyone see this exhibition in NYC last year?? Here’s an excellent article by Allison M...
Magic and the Occult · 7M ago

Arbatel: The Magic of the Ancients

“The Arbatel de magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients) is a Renaissance-per...
Magic and the Occult · 8M ago

Astro Report: Gemini Season

Sun into Gemini: May 20th at 1:31pm.New Moon in Gemini: Thursday, May 25th at 12:44pm.Merc...
Magic and the Occult · 9M ago

Celebrate Earth Day

"Silent in space forgotten among the stars early awakened to grace our heavenly hopes, she who is a planet as star a burning beginning a mental held sphere, that now has billions of heart...
Magic and the Occult · 9M ago

April Rewinds: Astro Report

Lots of retrogrades (and introspection) affecting us this month, giving us the chance to review our growth since the start of the year. We are slowing down, making sure we have solid found...
Magic and the Occult · 10M ago

Spring Equinox ~ be joyful

Hail unto the Return of the Mighty Spring!Sun into Aries at 3:39am today."The spring equinox falls on Monday, March 20, in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the moment that the sun passes over the celestial equator. On this day, Wiccans and many other...
Magic and the Occult · 11M ago

Happy Valentine's Day

I LOVE this day… relationship or not. I just LOVE LOVE. To everyone out there, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ♥ I also believe this is true: “It is Almost Certain that Between Friends T...
Magic and the Occult · 11M ago

Oscar Wilde quote

"With Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon, Who Could Not Be Happy?" ~ Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)"Ascent of the White Queen" by Maggie Dunne
Magic and the Occult · 1Y ago

Creative people’s brains really do work differently

”The common traits that people across all creative fields seemed to have in common were an openness to one’s inner life; a preference for complexity and ambiguity; an unusually high toleranc...
Magic and the Occult · 1Y ago

Rest in Peace Rebel Princess