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Lloyd of Gamebooks · 7h ago

#AtoZChallenge Z is for Zines and news

Hello lovely people! The last April A to Z post is a couple of places to find the latest gamebook news. The first is Fighting Fantazine, a high quality Zine full of great stuff which is FREE...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 10h ago

#AtoZChallenge Y is for YOU ARE THE HERO 2 and other wonderful things

Jonathon Green is doing great things for the gamebook world. First, he is organising FIGHTING FANTASY FEST 2 on the 2nd September in London which will be AWESOME!Also, you should look out fo...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 11h ago

#AtoZChallenge V is for very large numbers of gamebook stuff

Hello all! Here are more links in the world of gamebooks.Tunnels and Trolls is an awsome RPG system which I have loved for many years. The classic solo Arena of Khazan has been updated and r...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 12h ago

#AtoZChallenge X is for EXtra help needed for gamebooks

Hello lovely people! Demian Katz, the mastermind behind and the Vupop 2 academic conference on interactive fiction has been updating his lovely site. However, he has a huge...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 2d ago

#AtoZChallenge W is for Michael J. Ward

Lloyd of Gamebooks · 2d ago

#AtoZChallenge U is for Urenown and other links

David Velasco has written a great gamebook called Heroes of Urowen. Take a look! Adventure Cow is spreading the word about Destiny Quest Infinite, the app version of the wonderful gamebook s...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 6d ago

#AtoZChallenge T is for Tons more gamebook stuff

Cubus games have some great gamebook apps going including the upcoming Frankenstein Wars by Paul Gresty.The Dangerous Worlds gamebooks by Marc Wilson are awesome and worth checking out.If yo...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 1W ago

#AtoZChallenge S is for Scott Malthouse

Hello lovely people.Today, I want to tell you about Scott Malthouse, writer of the Trollish Delver blog. Scott has made several RPG products including Tunnels and Trolls products, Quill, a s...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 1W ago

#AtoZChallenge R is for RPGs based on solo systems

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition series continues to grow - this year, we will see the sci-fi version, Stellar Adventures.Lone Wolf also has an awesome RPG that lets you play classe...
Lloyd of Gamebooks · 1W ago

#AtoZChallenge Q is for things that begin with Q

First, we have Qanharren, a gorgeous gamebook that I backed on Kickstarter - I'm looking forward to seeing it!We also have QUERP (short for Quick and Easy Roleplay) from Greywood Publishing.