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Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 21h ago

First Poem in First Literary Review East

A new poem, AM Variations, is in the First Literary Review East. You'll have to scroll to find it, or you can Control+F to save some time. I'll be thanking you all at Thanksgiving for readin...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 2W ago

The Dragon of Anapest Shall Rise!

Or is it the Dragon of Budapest shall rise?Anyway, Anapest, an offshoot of the Paragon Journal, has published three poems written by yours truly.Here's oneAnother oneAnd the last poem
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 3W ago

Happy Halloween/Happy Birthday 95 Theses Charlie Brown!

In honor of this very momentous occasion, I present my Halloween Costume.  Here's a close-up:I'm not sure if the 47th one will shock you. This person ranked the theses, you can see if you ag...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

I Wrote a Spoof

To the tune of "I Pity the Poor Immigrant"I pity the poor presidentWho wishes he would've stayed homeWho uses all his power to do evilBut in the end is always left so aloneThat man whose tin...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

The Real Reason Hillary Lost

Guys, pack it up. No more articles, books, or think pieces. This is the real deal:It wasn't Comey and it wasn't Putin that stopped her. It was the ghost of Oliver Cromwell!At least I think i...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 2M ago

The Ordinary Madness of Ben Nardolilli

Go to page 28 to read a poem of mine in Weasel Press' Ordinary Madness. You can read it on the website, or through ISSUU (or is it issuu?)
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 2M ago

Hot Park Ranger, the Summer's Last Hit

My sister made a music video for her song Hot Park Ranger. Give it a view and a listen. Then go visit one of America' natural parks, such as the Thomas Stone National Historic Site.
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 3M ago

Poems Dredged Up from May

It's not a protest, it's actually a close up of a Georges Seurat paintingHey, I forgot to post a link to some poems I got published in Immix back in May. Well, it's only August so hopefully ...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 3M ago

New Poem in Neologism

New poem of mine in Neologism. Hopefully the formatting doesn't throw any of you off. If it does I can email you a copy to make heads or tails of what is going on.Oh yeah, and you have to sc...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 4M ago

Big Windows on the World

A surrealist, post- or pre- or sub-apocalyptic vision is at store for you with my latest published poem, "Memorial Park," available for reading at Big Windows Review. I think it's the first ...