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Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1W ago

Owl's Brew Radler is Rad

I'm more of a coffee man than a tea man, but I'm more of a beer man than a coffee man, so when you mix beer and tea together, I'll give it a try. Frankly I've never had the combination befor...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 2W ago

To Lisbon via Adelaide

Adelaide, a publication based out of New York and Lisbon, Portugal, has published five of my poems. Read them here, perhaps while listening to the song "Adelaide" by John Cale.
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 3W ago

What are Our Consolations? The Oracles of Fried Food

A poem of mine is up at the newly reconstituted Tak-Tak. In unrelated news, I'm trying to do my taxes and I came across this little tidbit:Parent of a Kidnapped ChildIf your child is presume...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 4W ago

All Hail Ben Nardolilli's Groovy Blog!

At least that's what they're saying at the Midnight Lane Gallery. Three of my poems are hung there for viewing, thanks to Johnny Longfellow.Also two poems were published on this site based i...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 4W ago

Break the Adult Shell

With a poem here
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

Quirky. Eclectic. Pixel-based.

A poem of mine is up at Damfino. It's short, so it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to read.
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

Trying to Hypernormalize a New Word: Sclerotica

Chris Applegate's Brilliant WorkI coined a new word at work the other day. I didn't use it in a sentence with anyone else, however I came up with it all by myself. The word?  "Sclerotica." H...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

The Key to the City? Three Poems.

City Key has been gracious and generous enough to publish 3 poems of mine, including Hudson Valley News, written while taking the train north to a friends' wedding in Massachusetts. 
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

The Route of the Next Women's March on DC

Hopefully, we won't have to have another march like the one yesterday ever again. Nevertheless I think we need to be prepared for next time. While there was a planned route, it quickly broke...
Lo Specchio e La Spugna · 1M ago

Comparing Inaugurations Trump Vs. Obama

This image has been making the rounds lately in one form or order to compare attendance at Obama's 2009 inauguration compared to Trump's in 2017. I just want to say this is a v...