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LORE | and little things · 7M ago

“Love, Me” featuring Emily Nolan

The Love Letters project began a year ago with Jessica Moore’s letter to her younger self. I found that as I got to know the writers I was privy to insights and gems readers were not. I had ...
LORE | and little things · 8M ago

Dear Lil’ TK by Tania Katan

Tania Katan doesn’t take the stage. She becomes the stage. She also becomes the inspiration for those who have the privilege of watching her shine as they sit breathless wondering, what’s ne...
LORE | and little things · 10M ago

Is It True: Challenging The Stories We Tell Our Children

LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

“We Will Lead You” by John Duran

  I am at a loss for words. I cried as I tried to watch the coverage on Sunday. Yesterday I couldn’t make it through Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the shootings in Orlando, giving faces and ...
LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

My Mother’s Lover: Growing Up in the Shadow of Addiction

  I’ve heard my mom was beautiful. Intelligent too. I don’t really remember. She started drinking when I was in preschool. Over time it makes your hair coarse, your skin paper thin and when ...
LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

Dear Younger Camille by Camille Di Maio

  When we first introduced Love Letters I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough content. I wanted to post a letter every week. Just like having a child, your babies have a way of telling...
LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

Five Facts About Your “Bad Boy” Boyfriend by Randy Susan Meyers

I had the distinct privilege of meeting Randy Susan Meyers several years ago in New York. I loved her Bostonian vibe, quick wit and literary prowess and then, when her first book THE MURDERE...
LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

Parenting Today’s Teen

I received an email last week from my lovely writer friend, Kim Derting. She asked if I’d be interested in publishing the below article on raising teens on LORE. I emailed her back immediate...
LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

Co-Parenting: Loving The Women Who Love Your Child

I blogged anonymously as Little Ms. J for several years. Although I had a nice little following and over 250 articles I decided to take down the site a little over two years ago. It just did...
LORE | and little things · 1Y ago

Just Start

I am from a long line of people who don’t finish things. We don’t finish books, don’t finish conversations, don’t pursue dreams, don’t stick with the class, the relationship, the anything. W...