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Love Grows Here · 14h ago

Wordless Wednesday: A Full Lap

Love Grows Here · 5d ago

A New Day Story: Catherine

Her story started like so many others. Abandoned in a small village in southern China, no one knew where she belonged. But unlike the many children who make their way to an orphanage, Cather...
Love Grows Here · 1w ago

Wordless Wednesday: Giggles with Marcus

Love Grows Here · 1W ago

Transformation Tuesday: Josiah

Josiah was born on March 12, 2011 with a right ear deformity. While at his orphanage Josiah was equipped with a BAHA hearing aid. He arrived at New Day on December 25, 2014.Josiah was three ...
Love Grows Here · 2W ago

Transformation Tuesday: Adia

In the spring of 2013 a little girl was born with severe heart defects. Her orphanage knew she needed more help, so they contacted New Day to see if we could care for her. However, at the ti...
Love Grows Here · 2W ago

Owen and the Horse

Since Owen arrived last summer he has experienced so many new things. He has also learned so much and we enjoy watching his imagination grow.A few mornings ago a pony came to visit the backy...
Love Grows Here · 2W ago

International Women's Day

March 8th is a day set aside around the world to celebrate women. Here in China the day is celebrated by giving all women half a day off of work. Malala Yousafzai said, "Do not wait for some...
Love Grows Here · 3W ago

The Very Best Toy

What do you think the very best toy is? A super cool remote control car? Or maybe a train set? Or a beautiful doll? There are so many things we can imagine, but really the very best toy is p...
Love Grows Here · 3W ago

Wordless Wednesday: Let's Fly Away

Love Grows Here · 1M ago

Snow Day!

We don't get a lot of snow here in Beijing, and this year there have only been a few flurries here and there. The other day snow was forecasted and we were all wishing and hoping for enough ...