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Love of the Land · 2h ago

That age-old Palestinian craft that goes all the way back to 1922 - when the British imported Armenian families - by Elder of Ziyon

...So there is no "Palestinian" tradition of decorative ceramics. It is an Armenian tradition. And the Arabs were not the ones to import the Armenians to renovate the Dome of the Rock - the ...
Love of the Land · 6h ago

What the War Over Jerusalem is Actually About - by Sultan Knish

...Moving the embassy to Jerusalem will do much more for America than it will for Israel. The Israelis already know where their capital is. We need to remember where we left our freedom. Isl...
Love of the Land · 9h ago

The‘P is for Palestine’ author managed to get one thing right - by Stephen M. Flatow

...Why does the character of Palestinian Arab identity matter? Because the fight for Israel’s survival is not just a military conflict. It’s also a war of ideas. Understanding the legitimacy...
Love of the Land · 21h ago

Palestinian Authority orders schools not to meet with pro-peace Bahrainis - by Elder of Ziyon

...This is how Palestinians treat fellow Arabs who make it clear that that they simply want peace. This is about as clear an indication as you can find as to which side actually wants peace ...
Love of the Land · 1d ago

A World That Throws Hissy Fits Over Jerusalem - by Judith Bergman

...That is what it apparently takes to get Muslims in the West to demonstrate. Not the rape and sexual enslavement of thousands of Yazidi children and women by Muslims fighting for ISIS in S...
Love of the Land · 1d ago

NY Times Finally Shows Some Improvement in Anti-Israel Bias - by Ira Stoll

...Against those six articles — more than one a day — the Times deemed fit to print only two on the other side of the issue. One was by Bret Stephens, and the other was by Shmuel Rosner. The...
Love of the Land · 2d ago

Breaking News: Jerusalem Not on Fire! - by Bassam Tawil

...Newsflash for the journalists: There's nothing new on the Palestinian street. Palestinian threats of violence and walking out of any "peace process" is old, old news. Jerusalem is not on ...
Love of the Land · 2d ago

Abbas has “rejected violence” since 2005? The facts tell a different story - by Adam Levick

...Bottom line: The Economist’s claim that the Palestinian President has “rejected violence” since 2005 fails to pass even the most minimum critical scrutiny. Adam Levick..UK Media Watch..07...
Love of the Land · 2d ago

In a Nutshell: The State Department's Jerusalem - Then and Now - by Yisrael Medad

QUESTION: So the answer to the question is Jerusalem, correct?AMBASSADOR SATTERFIELD: That’s exactly right.Yisrael Medad..My Right Word..08 December '17..Link:
Love of the Land · 2d ago

Reading Palestinian Media Responses to Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration - by Prof. Hillel Frisch

...The PA and Hamas are hopeful that unorganized Palestinian youth will mobilize against President Trump’s declaration acknowledging that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. A groundswell from th...