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Loving with Purpose · 2M ago

One Simple Way To Reach The Kids

Would life be simpler if you could just get some peace and quiet? Sometimes that’s not so easy when there are multiple personalities running around, and everyone has feelings, responsibiliti...
Loving with Purpose · 3M ago

Happy Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving… A very interesting word. When we separate it, we can clearly see what we should be doing today and every day.; being thankful and giving to others. With the […]
Loving with Purpose · 6M ago

Have We Really Progressed?

I think progress is defined differently for people. One person may look at the technical aspect of our world and believe we have advanced greatly, while another person sees the […]
Loving with Purpose · 6M ago

God Gives Us Free Will…

Making good choices can change the path of your life. Being conscious to the benefits and consequences of certain statements, actions, and choices can eliminate the need to readjust your […]
Loving with Purpose · 7M ago

God is my Witness…

With everything going on in the world today, it's important for us to check ourselves; morally, consciously, and with great thought.
Loving with Purpose · 8M ago

An Aged Article That Still Rings True Today

I came across these additions from an old newspaper and wanted to share with you. The message may be an old one, but still so relevant today…and always! This prayer […]
Loving with Purpose · 8M ago

A Simple Moment With A Stranger Gives Validation

On a recent visit to restock the shelves at The Pleasantree; a store where my book resides, I met one of the many customers who frequent this fine boutique. You could tell that she was a gen...
Loving with Purpose · 8M ago

Never Underestimate The Value of Your Words

“Never underestimate your kind words to another. You never know what someone else is going through in the moment that you speak”. ~ Loving with Purpose It has been some […]
Loving with Purpose · 10M ago

Introducing a Dusting Mitt That Can Literally SUCK IT UP!

  INTRODUCING A DUSTING MITT THAT CAN LITERALLY…SUCK IT UP!!!  MITZ FITZ™ Patent Pending | Made in the USA   A Hand Vacuum Duster! Watch commercial on YouTube Simply attach […]
Loving with Purpose · 10M ago

Happy Mother’s Day

If you have children, stepchildren, foster children, or a child who looks up to you, Happy Mother’s Day! 👩  Keep making a difference in another person’s life.