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Lurking Rhythmically · 18h ago

"Once you find your center, you are sure to win"

A friend linked to this article yesterday and asked me for my opinion on it.The impression I got from it was one of self-loathing: "No matter how hard I try, I will never be good enough to c...
Lurking Rhythmically · 4d ago

Who Hunts The Hunters?

Obvious title is obvious.I play a lot of video games. I mean, a lot.Primarily, I play cooperative game modes. In some of those cooperative game modes, sometimes the interfaces are poorly cod...
Lurking Rhythmically · 4d ago

That's What an Abuser Says

Another powerful collaboration between Kathy Jackson and myself.
Lurking Rhythmically · 4d ago

Assorted Calibers Podcast Episode 002

In this week's podcast:Erin and Weerd discuss Youtube’s new gun policy.Savage1R explains how one actually acquires cryptocurrencies.The Weer’d Audio Fisk is Megyn Kelly’s Lecture on the Park...
Lurking Rhythmically · 4d ago

Semper Fidelis, Gunny Ermey

I had the pleasure of meeting Gunny once.It was the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, and I was on the hotel shuttle bus that would take me to the convention. Just as we were about to leave, some guy...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Another Status Report on my Face

I realized I haven't told you folks about the new plastic surgeon I've been seeing, so here's the backstory followed by what happened when I went to see him on Wednesday.After I had that ter...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

A Dumpster Fire-Side Chat With Wil

Wil, it's not always about you or your crusade. I had an interesting chat with a new co-worker today. Isaac -- we'll call him Isaac, as that's not his name but he looks like an Isaac to me -...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Assorted Calibers Podcast Episode 001

NOT a dream!NOT a hoax!NOT an April Fool's trick!Episode 1 of the Assorted Calibers Podcast is out NOW!
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

My Address at UMW's 2A Day

So, first the bad news:  I didn't record it. I was going to record it; I had the digital recorder with me; but for whatever reason, I forgot I had it and left it in my purse instead of takin...
Lurking Rhythmically · 2W ago

My Appearance on Lock -N- Load Radio's Weaponized Women Show

Yesterday I had the honor of being a guest on my friend Tatiana Whitlock's show, "Weaponized Women".If you missed the show, do not fret; you can listen to it here.