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Lurking Rhythmically · 1d ago

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #131 - Loaded Conversations with Sanford Man

For once, Florida Man had the day off.Beth is on assignment -- at Gunsite Academy! But she stops shooting long enough to send us a report.Happily for Florida, the Sanford Man who shot someon...
Lurking Rhythmically · 2d ago

SHTFriday: Cheap Char Rope

I was so proud of myself for actually having the time and ability and material to make a Blue Collar Prepping post on Friday that I completely forgot to post a link to it until just now.So g...
Lurking Rhythmically · 4d ago

Creamy White Supremacy

Justice has jumped the shark.In the last few months, I've seen a green cartoon frog declared a hate symbol by the ADL and a conspiracy about a purple bird facebook sticker being touted as th...
Lurking Rhythmically · 5d ago

And then this happened

Lurking Rhythmically · 5d ago

Palette Ponders: Identity Politics

I originally started this last week and it's blossomed into a monster, so I think I'm better off splitting this up into chapters instead of a single massive post. Last Friday, a question pop...
Lurking Rhythmically · 5d ago

Traveller Tuesday: the Potato Sack Principle

Yes, it's Monday. I feel like writing this today because tomorrow is slated for a complex piece that I've been working on since last week and I don't want to break my flow.So deal with it. I...
Lurking Rhythmically · 5d ago

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #130 - Tribalism and Happy Endings

Our #1 advice for a happy ending: Don't get a barbed wire tattoo. Those never end well.Beth shares some advice for avoiding tragedy when you have children and guns in the same houseEveryone ...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

A Quickie from Salem

Guh.I feel terrible. Doctor says I have piriformis syndrome, which means, in layman's terms, there's a muscle somewhere in my hip that's squeezing a nerve that causes pain anywhere between m...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Today I Am Ten

This was the picture I used for my first avatar. Yes, it's blatant cleavage. I chose this because:1) It's a nice photograph2) It would catch the attention of male readers3) It 's a subtle re...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Palette's Product Review: PMC .223 Battle Pack

Over at Blue Collar Prepping!