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Lurking Rhythmically · 13h ago

These Raptures Are Getting Tedious

By my count, I have now lived through three major (and countless minor) Raptures:The Great Rapture of '88, which actually was delayed until 1989, inconveniencing nearly everyone. The Silent ...
Lurking Rhythmically · 6d ago

GunBlog VarietyCast #161 - We Are But Mad North-North-West

Erin's neighborhood was supposed to get its power restored this weekend. Now it's been pushed back until Tuesday next week.Beth says it's always the right time to talk to children about fire...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1w ago

Salem Watches Television: An Unexpected Discovery

Wooo that was a misleading title, wasn't it?I love Star Trek. Not to the extent of my big three, which are Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, but in the eternal debate ...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

An Even Five

I am convinced that the number 5 is even.Not mathematically even, mind you, but conceptually even because humans have 5 fingers per hand , thus a "whole hand" is an even value.If you want pr...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Post-Irma Erin

An update on how my family and I are doing can be found over at Blue Collar Prepping.
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

GunBlog VarietyCast #160 - Round and Round

Blood going round and round: Good.Hurricanes going round and round: Bad.Beth is on assignment and will return next week.What kind of sicko breaks into rehab facilities and sexually assaults ...
Lurking Rhythmically · 2W ago

I Hate To Say I Told You So

Ah, who am I kidding?Clinton vs Sanders.Trump vs Clinton. Battfleck. The Fall of The House of Whedon.Antifa is not your friendI keep predicting these things, and I keep getting them right, a...
Lurking Rhythmically · 2W ago

Hurricane Irma Update

Things aren't looking good for my part of the state.More here.
Lurking Rhythmically · 2W ago

Hurricane Irma Predictions & Bug Out Mobility

People have been asking me, and if I'm worried about Irma, and if I've started to evacuate or not. I've written a detailed post about that over at Blue Collar Prepping.Also, because I forgot...
Lurking Rhythmically · 2W ago

GunBlog VarietyCast #159 - We Agree With Nancy Pelosi. Yes, We're As Surprised As You Are.

"Lickspittle" is an excellent pejorative that deserves more usage.Beth taught a USCCA class in Connecticut this past weekend, where apparently the state wants to make it as difficult as poss...