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Lurking Rhythmically · 1d ago

Traveller Tuesday: Legally Dead in Low Passage

In my Traveller game, anyone who is cryogenically frozen is considered legally dead under Imperial law for the duration of their freeze. There are several good reasons for this, mainly to to...
Lurking Rhythmically · 2d ago

Thank You For Not Squeezing the Toothpaste

One thing I've noticed about myself is that whenever I talk about being transgender in situations where the topic is not specifically on the table (such as when I was a guest speaker for MSI...
Lurking Rhythmically · 3d ago

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #135 - The Spotlight Effect

I love the thrillI love this sceneCan you feel me move?Dance with meIn the white lightWhat's it like to be a woman in the firearms industry? Beth tells us about how she has to prove herself ...
Lurking Rhythmically · 3d ago

Being a Concealed Carrier Made Me a Better Transwoman

aka "How I Stopped Worrying That Everyone Was Staring At Me"In this week's upcoming episode of the GunBlog VarietyCast, Sean and I talk about the Spotlight Effect and how it effects everyone...
Lurking Rhythmically · 6d ago

I Have Important Information That I Will Be Releasing

... or so that's what she said. Currently, there are two narratives going on regarding Rachel Maddow and the tax returns.For whoever may have missed it, Rachel Maddow tweeted this:BREAKING: ...
Lurking Rhythmically · 6d ago

WNW: Alas, Poor Alexa?

What do you get when you combine Amazon's Alexa with a three-axis talking skull? This:I feel like it needs more atmospherics to become truly disturbing. Perhaps an enclosure to give the ill...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Operation Blazing Sword Patches

I believe there was a desire for Blazing Sword patches?This is a prototype of a 4" tall printed canvas OBS patch:If you would like one, please contact William Hilton at
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #134 - Condiments and Cutlery

In Mordor on the Potomac, only criminals can carry guns.People are so fixated on being "Nice" that Beth thinks they've lost sight of the real goal: being Good.When a suspect ends an hour-lon...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

He Will Not Divide Us REEEE He Will Not Divide Us REEEE He Will Not Divide Us REEEE

Two great disappointments happened to me recently.Disappointment the first: Shia LeBouf's planned four-year "art" installation #HeWillNotDivideUs relocated to Albuquerque after the Museum of...
Lurking Rhythmically · 1W ago

Range Time as Tax-Deductible Donation

For a while now I've been working a way for Operation Blazing Sword instructors to count the expenses incurred from taking an LGBTQ student shooting as a charitable donation. I'm pleased to ...