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Lynn Mosher · 1d ago

A Heart Anomaly

A heart anomaly. The American Heart Association says, “Congenital heart defects are struct...
Lynn Mosher · 5d ago

The Journey of Battered Soul

This is the journey of Battered Soul, always in search of that special love and peace… Gap...
Lynn Mosher · 1W ago

Come, Drink of the Living Waters

  Come. Drink. Drink of the Living Waters. Water! The necessary component of all living ma...
Lynn Mosher · 1W ago

Does Jesus Show Up for Others but Not for You?

Does Jesus show up for others but not for you? ******* Filled with fear and amazement, Mar...
Lynn Mosher · 2W ago

The Father Has Sent You a Gift

As he grew up, he didn’t understand his father’s ways and never felt a part of the family....
Lynn Mosher · 2W ago

We Trusted Once, But Now?

“…we trusted…” Luke 24:21 KJV But now? They want to leave it all behind; take the road out...
Lynn Mosher · 2W ago

He is Not Here!

May Resurrection Day power fill your heart with unending blessings.  Lynn The post He is Not Here! appeared first on Lynn Mosher.
Lynn Mosher · 3W ago

The Lamb was an Innocent Man

Jesus, this King rode upon a lowly donkey into town, amid an enthusiastic crowd waving pal...
Lynn Mosher · 3W ago

Doesn’t a Rooster Crow Each Morning?

Jesus, this King with a crown yet-to-come, one fashioned of thorns, rode upon a lowly, unb...
Lynn Mosher · 4W ago

Is There a Judas at Your Table?

Jesus came to town. He turned the tables of greediness, cheating, and all manner of filth....