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Lyn's Thoughts · 3d ago

Playing with photos

I love taking photos and just playing with them to get different effects. The Lotus flowers and seed pods make...
Lyn's Thoughts · 1W ago

Catch up

Gosh it's a very busy time around here at the moment. With new products arriving that need pricing and stocking...
Lyn's Thoughts · 2W ago

One year on......

It's to believe that Chloe has turned one! We celebrated her birthday yesterday with family and friends. Being a "...
Lyn's Thoughts · 3W ago everywhere

Having fun today putting together 35 Lolly bags for Chloe's 1st birthday party. There are butterflies everywhere on my craft...
Lyn's Thoughts · 3W ago

Australia Day

There were two flowers on the Giant Waterlily today. This plant really is amazing!
Lyn's Thoughts · 4W ago

Stunning in Paradise

The Blue Lotus Watergarden looks amazing at the moment. Full of colours and gorgeous plants.
Lyn's Thoughts · 1M ago

New product at Rod's Shop

Some new products have arrived today in Rod's Shop. These Lotus Spinners are made of stainless steel.
Lyn's Thoughts · 1M ago

Caught up

I have finally caught up with my housework and taken the Christmas Tree and decks all down today. Hoping to...
Lyn's Thoughts · 1M ago

A busy start

We have had a busy start to the Lotus Season........I have enjoyed taking pics when I can. It's a fairly...
Lyn's Thoughts · 1M ago

Catching up

Finally getting some time to catch up with my housework today. Nice to bring in some fresh cut flowers from...