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MaddWolf Hope Madden and George Wolf review movies
MaddWolf · 2h ago

What About Above Her Neck?

Below Her Mouth by Hope Madden In a world where thin, beautiful, braless women look hot at work, stare longingly at each other and writhe sensually across the screen, are…read more →
MaddWolf · 1d ago

Smells Fishy

The Lure by Hope Madden Who’s up for Polish vampire mermaids? You do not have to ask me twice! Gold (Michalina Olszanska) and Silver (Marta Mazurek) are not your typical…read more →
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Confessions of a Loud Guy

by George Wolf Sunday was a good day to be loud. I’ve been loud all my life, and not every day caters to us loudies, but Sunday my volume came…read more →
MaddWolf · 6d ago

I’m a Monster

Colossal by George Wolf Ten years ago, writer/director Nacho Vigalondo made his feature debut with Timecrimes, a wonderfully ironic and wacked-out bit of time travel head gaming. Nacho is ba...
MaddWolf · 6d ago


Born in China by George Wolf Baby Pandas here!  Yawning, sleeping, rolling down a hill! Disney could put that on the marquee and probably score a box office winner, but…read more →
MaddWolf · 1w ago

Tripodis and Whitney Debut Film This Weekend

You may recognize the voice and know the name, but that doesn’t mean you know Dino Tripodis. The longtime Sunny 95 morning man has been involved in Columbus film for…read more →
MaddWolf · 1w ago

Free for All

Free Fire by Hope Madden The first notes I took, about ten minutes into the screening for Ben Wheatley’s latest Free Fire, read like so: This is a ballsy first…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Boy Interrupted

After the Storm by Christie Robb There’s something about being a parent that helps you put into context and process the resentments you held about your own parents’ mistakes. You…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

First Dates Happen…

Thanks, Mom by Christie Robb About five minutes through my first date I realized something was going horribly wrong. When I met the boy I was 15 years-old and trying…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Shop ’til you Drop

Personal Shopper by Hope Madden Kristin Stewart is an acquired taste. In the last few years, though, she’s shown in a handful of indies that she has some talent. Not…read more →