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MaddWolf Hope Madden and George Wolf review movies
MaddWolf · 1d ago

Vanishing America

Wind River by Hope Madden In many beautiful and horrific ways, the scripts of Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water) felt like a reemergence of Cormac McCarthy. His lean…read more →
MaddWolf · 1d ago

Hillbilly Heist

Logan Lucky by George Wolf You’re not long into director Steven Soderbergh’s latest before you expect to see Brad Pitt standing around eating something. Why? Because Logan Lucky is essential...
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Going the Distance

The Farthest by Rachel Willis Forty years ago, the first of two vessels was launched into space to begin the unmanned Voyager mission. To commemorate NASA’s monumental achievement, Emer Reyn...
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Arts and Crafts

Dave Made a Maze by Hope Madden Maybe you’re not up for 80 minutes of existential dread, of traversing the subconscious of a stunted artist – a man who cannot…read more →
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Badass Bromance

The Hitman’s Bodyguard by Hope Madden Who remembers Safe House, the passable 2012 action flick that sees Ryan Reynolds in over his head trying to keep an international assassin, played…read ...
MaddWolf · 3d ago

Plumbing Psyches, Having Tea

The Ghoul by Hope Madden The Ghoul opens on a crime scene. One detective leads another through the facts of the crime, which appear simple enough until you work in…read more →
MaddWolf · 3d ago

May the Bear Be With You

Brigsby Bear by George Wolf When does our grip on the past get in the way of our future? Why is it so difficult to accept some people as they…read more →
MaddWolf · 4d ago

I Don’t Want to Go Out: Week of August 14

A little slower this week in the home entertainment arena, but summer blockbusters are beginning to trickle in. Click the title for a full review. And as always, please use…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

The Screening Room: Creepy Dolls, Crazy Parents and Nutty Jobs

Click HERE to joins us in the Screening Room to break down Annabelle: Creation, The Glass Castle, Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, Killing Ground and what’s new in home…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Throwing Stones

The Glass Castle by Hope Madden I was excited about the screen adaptation of Jeannette Walls’s memoir The Glass Castle. Hers is a well-told, often jaw-dropping story of a most…read more →