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MaddWolf Hope Madden and George Wolf review movies
MaddWolf · 11h ago

I Don’t Want to Go Out – Week of December 11

Some exceptional films coming home this week, so if you like true life, brutally devastating historical dramas, this is your week! No, seriously, watch them. Detroit Viceroy’s House The Trip...
MaddWolf · 11h ago

Island Life

Wonder Wheel by George Wolf The sheer number of films Woody Allen continues to churn out almost guarantees that some will hit (Midnight in Paris, Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and some…read more...
MaddWolf · 4d ago

The Screening Room: Master of Disaster

We have one full week to wait until the new Star Wars. What will we do? Well, there are a couple of great movies you can see in the meantime.…read more →
MaddWolf · 5d ago

Hi Doggie!

The Disaster Artist by Hope Madden There is genuine affection in James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, a behind-the-scenes biopic that gets inside the making of the best bad movie of…read more...
MaddWolf · 6d ago

Free Bird

Thelma by Hope Madden A surprising, gorgeously filmed prologue creates a mood: a little girl, bundled in a red coat, follows her shotgun-toting father across a frozen pond into the…read more...
MaddWolf · 1w ago

I Don’t Want to Go Out – Week of December 4

Well, not a ton coming to home entertainment this week. Hope you like little yellow blobs and twins. Who doesn’t, though?! Despicable Me 3
MaddWolf · 1w ago

Space Race

by Hope Madden About three days a week you can find my family glutting ourselves on beans and rice at the Chipotle on the corner of Northwest Boulevard and Fifth…read more →
MaddWolf · 1w ago

The Screening Room: Honor and Inspiration

This week in The Screening Room we talk about new releases Last Flag Flying, BPM, Sweet Virginia plus all that’s worth watching in home entertainment. Listen HERE.
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Bond of Brothers

Last Flag Flying by George Wolf “Men make the wars, and wars make the men.” Last Flag Flying is a loving salute to the enduring nature of honor. Thoughtful and…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Heart and Soul

BPM (120 Beats Per Minute) by George Wolf Transitioning slowly from a sweeping, outrage-fueled political drama to a hushed and intimate personal study, BPM becomes a deeply emotional portrai...