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MaddWolf Hope Madden and George Wolf review movies
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Don’t Meet the Parents

Get Out by George Wolf You want to know the fears and anxieties at work in any modern population? Just look at their horror films. You probably knew that. The…read more →
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Should Win/Will Win 2017

by Hope Madden and George Wolf Oscar cometh, and with him the possibility of drawing attention to some of the best films from 2016 that many people didn’t see. By…read more →
MaddWolf · 3d ago

Gifted & Talented

The Girl with All the Gifts by Hope Madden It is the top of the food chain that has the most reason to fear evolution. Isn’t that the abiding tension…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Shell Shocked

The Red Turtle (La Tortue Rouge) by Hope Madden Life, death, the natural world and the redemptive love of a redhead – all excellent topics, all simply but beautifully explored…read more →
MaddWolf · 6d ago

Cure for Insomnia

A Cure for Wellness by Hope Madden Not too far into The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter suggests that Buffalo Bill’s behavior seems “desperately random.” Director Gore Verbinski’s late...
MaddWolf · 6d ago

Don’t Knock At All

Don’t Knock Twice by Hope Madden Two Thomas the Tank Engine writers team up with fledgling director Caradog James to talk of witches, urban legends, estranged children and doors. They…read m...
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Readin’, Writin’, Teacher Fightin’

Fist Fight by George Wolf At Roosevelt High, it’s the last day before summer break, and the school’s online newspaper gets a breaking story: WHY MR. CAMPBELL WILL DIE Seems…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Just Another Brick

The Great Wall by Hope Madden You’ve seen the trailers for The Great Wall, right? It looks terrible, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s not good – let’s not get crazy.…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Truth to Power

I Am Not Your Negro by George Wolf It may be driven by content decades old, but I Am Not Your Negro wastes no time in driving home its urgency.…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

Cbus Filmmaker Screens Dance Doc Saturday

by George Wolf “I see the light of dance. The freedom. The undeniable release of expression within our human forms transformed outwardly for all to see through the movements of…read more →