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MaddWolf Hope Madden and George Wolf review movies
MaddWolf · 1d ago

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Baby Driver by Hope Madden Start to finish, the soundtrack-driven heist flick Baby Driver has a bright, infectious charm – and you can dance to it. It needs to be…read more →
MaddWolf · 1d ago

I Don’t Want to Go Out – Week of June 27

Oh, the bounty that is home entertainment this week! Loads of stuff – most of it mediocre – but one brand spanking new option that kicks all manner of ass.…read more →
MaddWolf · 1d ago

Stars, Stripes & Appetites

The Bad Batch by Hope Madden Three years ago, Ana Lily Amirpour dazzled moviegoers with her sleek and imaginative vampire fable A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. The film…read more →
MaddWolf · 2d ago

Face Off

by Cat McAlpine I have many fears. I am afraid of heights. I am afraid of the dark. I am afraid of deep water. I am afraid I will never…read more →
MaddWolf · 5d ago

The Screening Room Podcast: Knights and Weekends

CLICK HERE and join us in The Screening Room this week to break down Transformers: The Last Knight, Beatriz at Dinner and what’s new on home video.!  
MaddWolf · 5d ago

Just Desserts

Beatriz at Dinner by George Wolf Have you ever owned the worst car in the parking lot of some fancy event? Then you’ll immediately identify with Beatriz. Beatriz is a…read more →
MaddWolf · 5d ago

Wheels on the Bus

Free to Ride by Hope Madden A movie about bus stops, eh? It may seem like a trivial topic for a film, but Free to Ride does what many solid…read more →
MaddWolf · 5d ago

The Longest Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight by Hope Madden Have you ever wondered what kind of chaos would ensue if both Optimus Prime and Megatron just disappeared? Nope? Well, what if we…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

I Don’t Want to Go Out

Want to watch something at home? Wow – there’s one thing this week. One. But rest easy – there are like a million things next week, so we’ll just fixate…read more →
MaddWolf · 1W ago

More Bad Things

Rough Night by Hope Madden I did not have high expectations for this one, I’m not going to lie. Though the raunchy trailer offered a couple chuckles, I couldn’t help…read more →