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This Mother’s Day, Give Mom the Gift of Healthy Food

Remember when you mother used to hound, harass and harangue (the trifecta of alliterative nagging) you to eat properly?  She utilized both the carrot (get it?) and the stick in a futile atte... Blog · 4d ago

Apps: From Useful to Fun to Plain Creepy

I must admit, when I was assigned this topic my relatively advanced age clouded my thinking especially given that this blog appears on a food delivery site.  I immediately began thinking of ... Blog · 1W ago

March is (also) National Nutrition Month

Holy heck, March is one busy month.  It is home to 24 national “whatever” designations.  Of course, some are better known than others, such as National Women’s History Month and the previous... Blog · 2W ago

March is National Kidney Month: Let ‘em Know You Care

March is a busy month, not only is it Women’s History Month (hooray women), it’s also National Kidney Month (hooray kidneys).  These paired bean-shaped organs, located in your lower back and... Blog · 3W ago

The Superfoods of 2018

Yes, here it is.  The much anticipated annual post regarding 2018 superfoods.  Faster than a speeding antioxidant, more powerful than an amino acid, able to leap tall viruses in a single bou... Blog · 1M ago

Just Like Mom Used to Make

There are just some meals that no one could make better than your mom, to include any of the Iron Chefs.  And those meals vary from person to person.  For me, no culinary specialist could to... Blog · 1M ago

Ten Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Yes, there actually was a St. Valentine (or perhaps two) that lived in 3rd century Italy, was associated with courtly love, martyred (maybe) and then beatified on February 14th of God only k... Blog · 2M ago

Are Your Elderly Parents Eating Properly?

Whew!  It’s finally over, the holiday season that is.  Now the grind of winter begins with the light at the end of the tunnel (in the form of spring) almost too far away to see.  We all sett... Blog · 2M ago

New Meals

We’ve got new meals! We’ve got new items on both the a la carte and the complete meals menus. Let me introduce you! More meals are available, and even more are on the way. Keep checking our ... Blog · 2M ago

Sensible Tips for Getting and Staying Healthy in the New Year

Yeah, no this isn’t a New Year’s resolution post.  It’s simply a post about how to improve your health that can be applied at any time.  I’m just simply writing about getting healthy on Janu...