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Magma Cum Laude · 3W ago

Who’s afraid of the big bad…pegmatite?

Happy Halloween!
Magma Cum Laude · 1M ago

The human side of volcanology at IAVCEI 2017

Every four years, the volcanological community gets together somewhere in the world to spe...
Magma Cum Laude · 3M ago

Vacationing at volcanoes: Mount Sibayak

Berastagi, a city in northern Sumatra, is a great place for volcanoes, because it has two ...
Magma Cum Laude · 5M ago

Vacationing at volcanoes: The Toba Caldera

Visiting one of the largest volcanic lakes (and calderas) in the world in northern Sumatra...
Magma Cum Laude · 6M ago

So you’re going hiking for the first time

In the spirit of my "So you're going camping for the first time" post - which came about a...
Magma Cum Laude · 7M ago

So you’re going camping for the first time

A conversation on Twitter recently got me thinking about my first field experience. Until ...
Magma Cum Laude · 9M ago

(Geo)science Matters: Snow surveys aren’t just for TV

Everyone (in California, at least) has seen those clips that get run every winter of the snow surveys: people walking out into a white-blanketed meadow to shove a pole into the snow and reco...
Magma Cum Laude · 9M ago

(Geo)science matters: Landslide research in California

Right now it's incredibly important for scientists to hammer home why science is essential...
Magma Cum Laude · 10M ago

Fast-forward your volcano

Remember a couple of months ago when Google Earth Timelapse got updated? I didn't spend a lot of time looking at it back then, but I've taken it for a spin since then and - being a volcanolo...
Magma Cum Laude · 11M ago

Everybody look what’s goin’ down

There’s an important reason why I’m borrowing a lyric for a protest song for a blog post, ...