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Dare Boldly Acts of grace for everyday living
Dare Boldly · 7h ago

3 Tips to Travel Lightly

3 Ways to unpack your worries every night: Write them down Keep a notebook by your bed and every night before you sleep, write out your ‘troubles and worries’.  They don’t have to be a beaut...
Dare Boldly · 1d ago

Disagreement is not rejection

  I am meeting with the very talented Michelle Jeffrey to get her insight on a delicate situation I am navigating at work with an external group of people who feel like their intentions to s...
Dare Boldly · 2d ago

Be like the river when it arrives at the ocean

Originally posted on Zen Flash:  “When you speak, allow the insight of our collective humanity to speak through you. When you walk, don’t walk for yourself alone; walk for your ancestors and...
Dare Boldly · 3d ago

The Big Yahoo!

Remember how the other day I wrote about not wanting to Yahoo! when a parade went by? Well, I did it. I Yahoo’d out loud. Loud and strong. In fact, I Yahoo’d so loud people in my office actu...
Dare Boldly · 6d ago

Seeds of loving kindness

Dare Boldly · 1w ago

It’s Stampede time in the city! Yahoo!

  I laughed yesterday as I stood on the street corner waiting for to cross. It’s Stampede time in the city and there are daily parades everywhere. The parade that was holding me up from cros...
Dare Boldly · 1W ago

Letting Go

In the beginning, when I was born, I knew little. As I grew, I learned. Every day, I keep learning more about what I knew before. More of what I didn’t know I knew. And, if I’m really open, ...
Dare Boldly · 2W ago

Does fear stop you from creating?

Over at Live and Learn yesterday, David Kanigan shares an expert from a Robert Ito article in the NY Times about funny-man Ray Romano. “It’s just doubt, that’s the biggest thing.” Doubt, unc...
Dare Boldly · 2W ago

We Can All Be That Village

I am 4, maybe 5 years old. We are living in central France. My father loves to take Sunday drives to Belgium, to the monastery, D’Orval, where the Trappist monks make his favourite beer. I r...
Dare Boldly · 2W ago

In Liberty’s Gaze.

You can protect your liberties in this world only by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can be free only if I am free. — Clarence Darrow She didn’t know her own strength. She’d never be...