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Dare Boldly Acts of grace for everyday living
Dare Boldly · 8h ago

Remember to Breathe and Be. (Daily Intention)

Dare Boldly · 1d ago

Time: Enemy or friend? What’s your POV?

Snow falls, settles to the ground. Time passes, settles into the past. No matter the weather, or how many things I try to cram into any given moment, time keeps passing at its own pace. I wo...
Dare Boldly · 2d ago

Where are the men?

When I was in my late twenties, I worked as a stockbroker. Years before, I had worked for a summer at a brokerage firm in Toronto and was intrigued by the business. Perhaps not the business ...
Dare Boldly · 3d ago

Get naked with life

As teenagers, my sister and I liked to play tricks on each other (the naked truth — I liked to play the tricks, she tolerated them. I’m the youngest… what can I say? :)). One night, a girlfr...
Dare Boldly · 4d ago

Definitely feelin’ like the sun will come up (Daily intention)

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, you just can’t help but feel irritated by the actions of the people around you? How, no matter how hard you try, ‘they’ just can’t seem to get it right. ...
Dare Boldly · 5d ago

Finding joy in the now

I am getting close. Close to done. Close to being able to stop clearing, decluttering, cleaning. It’s about time! Our house is listed. The photographer comes Thursday to capture it for the M...
Dare Boldly · 6d ago

Daily Intention — Find Peace

Dare Boldly · 1w ago

The Poet Boy Remembered

Remembrance Day. Lest we forget. Let us  not forget. Their sacrifice. Their honour. Their duty to country. Their names. Let us not forget. My father went off to war when he was a boy. He wen...
Dare Boldly · 1W ago

Forgetting to remember.

When the war came, my father set out to find it. He was living across the ocean in what was to become my homeland, Canada. But the war was important, he told me once. Britain was his homelan...
Dare Boldly · 1W ago

Circles of Hope — We must share

It is 2am and I can’t sleep. I don’t know if I’m still buzzed from the amazingness that was Circles of Hope yesterday, or if I’m just so emotionally exhausted even sleep can’t find space to ...