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Mama Diaries · 9h ago

A Lifetime Supply of Astronaut Ice Cream

"Mama," my twelve-year-old son said. "Can I enter a sweepstake to win a lifetime supply of astronaut ice cream?"I shook my head. "Dude, when you enter a sweepstake, you get put on a mailing ...
Mama Diaries · 1W ago

Cookie Concoction

I came home the other day and found a cookie pan covered with sticky, chocolate chip goop lying in the sink. It looked pretty disgusting.I went into my husband's office and asked him, "What ...
Mama Diaries · 2W ago

Bad Dog

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I have two pictures, which equals two thousand words.This is where I was last week:And this is what I came home to:
Mama Diaries · 4W ago

A Brick of Fruit Flies

"Mom," my son said. "Don't pack fruit in my lunch anymore."This was a puzzling request. "Why?" I asked."The school has a fruit fly infestation. They're getting into my locker, trying to get ...
Mama Diaries · 1M ago

Dank Meme Soup

"What?" you're asking. I didn't name it. Bubba did.Chef Bubba was back in the kitchen working his magic. This little creation involved beef broth and a sweet potato. The boy cooked some spag...
Mama Diaries · 1M ago

The Fun Monkey

My son has an interesting way of looking at things. Yesterday, he came home from school with this information:"Mom, most rational people do what they have to do without any problem."Okay. I ...
Mama Diaries · 1M ago

Rude Awakening

Yesterday when my daughter came home from school, I noticed she had pictures drawn all over her arm. Some were in pen, and others were in marker."Why did you draw on your arm?" I asked."I di...
Mama Diaries · 2M ago

A Little Travel Music

My kids like to have their music on when we drive in the car. Usually it's stuff you hear on the radio, but the other day, my daughter had something on that sounded a little different."What ...
Mama Diaries · 2M ago

The Science Experiment

There is never a shortage of unusual occurrences at my house. The latest involves a science experiment done by my twelve-year-old son.My teenage daughter likes to use bath bombs. These are s...
Mama Diaries · 2M ago

Team Spirit

As you know, my home team, the Atlanta Falcons, were in the Superbowl. (We are all heartbroken over their loss!) The week prior to the event, had the city in major celebration mode. Schools ...