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ManicDDaily Where Stress Meets Creativity (With Elephants)
ManicDDaily · 3d ago


Quotidian I am asked to write about love as an everyday object, and I think of our down blanket, which we use all year in the mountains, though you grow warm about as soon as you root while ...
ManicDDaily · 3d ago

patio, grass, sky

stucco knobbly as charcoal briquets the smell of hot dogs some idyll of summer–sweating to burst– then that grass dashed out on–for it was evening and we were neon with it, free, it seemed l...
ManicDDaily · 3d ago

Getting Over

Getting Over Some look for fences even in open fields; how else to find wings? ********************* drafty poem for April for Isadora Gruye’s prompt on Real Toads to write above obstacles –...
ManicDDaily · 3d ago

Easter (American Sentences)

Easter (American Sentences) March–skirt puffs up like blossoms blown back–Easter– the net on best hats. April–sun crossed the nave–Easter– waves of short white gloves almost too warm. Old la...
ManicDDaily · 1w ago

Villanelle of Voices Overheard in Payback 2017

Villanelle of Voices Overheard in Payback 2017 (obviously, the “we” here does not speak for me.) Rights for you? A damned disgrace. So, why not just shut-the-“f” up as we put you in your pla...
ManicDDaily · 1w ago

Three Charcoals After Redon

More craziness for April 2017.  Charcoal on paper.  All rights reserved.  Karin Gustafson.  
ManicDDaily · 1w ago

More faces in tree, charcoal, pastel

April (Easter Saturday) 2017, all rights reserved, k. gustafson. 
ManicDDaily · 1w ago

Good Friday effort

Attempt at Good Friday pastel.  All rights reserved.  April 2017. 
ManicDDaily · 1w ago


April 2017, pastel on paper, all rights reserved, Karin Gustafson. 
ManicDDaily · 2W ago

Also pencil on paper

Also pencil on paper, April 2017.  I may go rather hog wild on these as drawing and visual art (absent elephants and without too many little dogs) is such a new thing for me.  Thanks.  K